Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Phoenix

If one day you should get into trouble with the law, you will need an attorney to help you sort things out. Still, not everyone who employs a lawyer will get off from the court easily. However, by employing the right criminal lawyer to defend you, there is a big chance that you can be cleared of the charge and skip jail time.

Below are some of the best criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix.

Salwin Law Group

Salwin Law Group has been operating a criminal defense law firm in Phoenix for quite a number of years. This law company brings to the table a personalized approach to dealing with each client’s case separately. In addition, the firm makes it their job to explain to the client in carefully chosen words what the stakes are involved and the various options available to him or her. This law firm will not take no for an answer so easily and the lawyer will aggressively argue a case all the way until the end with the intention of turning the tide in favor of the client.

Adams and Associates, PLC

Adams and Associates, PLC is a criminal defense law firm operating in Phoenix. As a defense criminal law firm, they focus mainly on government investigations, white collar crime, fraud, internal investigations, Title VII investigations, NCAA. In addition, clients can come into them for just about anything involving criminal matters. Adams and Associates boast over 30 years in criminal law matters and will go to any ends to see their clients dealt with fairly by the law.

Belen Law Firm

Belen is one of the best Phoenix criminal defense attorney law firms in the state. They are serious about providing excellent service to clients who are in need of their expertise. As a professional law firm, they go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are well represented. They vigorously argue their criminal defense cases and will do everything in their power to ensure that their clients get the best deals and options available to them. They cover and defend people charged with violent crimes, homicides, thefts, sex offense, domestic violence, juvenile offenses, theft crimes, federal crimes and DUI offenses. Therefore, if you should need a law team in Phoenix to defend you or anyone you know, contact Belen Law Firm and they will get the job done right the first time.

Dumond Law Firm

Dumond Law Firm has been around since the past six years. The legal team that works in this company has been responsible to represent clients who are slapped with charges related to criminal offenses that cover theft, murder, drugs and DUI. This company’s criminal defense attorney will aggressively argue their clients’ cases with the intention of turning the tide for those whom they represent. If the cases they are arguing don’t seem winnable, they usually opt for their clients to attend drug treatment or alcohol programs. Dumond lawyers focus mainly on civil litigation, family law, criminal defense and probate law.

From an array of lawyers that work in the city, you will be able to find the right barrister that can meet your expectations. Your case will be aggressively argued with him or her and you can expect to have a great outcome in the end.  

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