What To Wear to a Country Music Concert

The country style is fun and easy to create. It doesn’t matter where you are going; you certainly have pieces of clothing in your closet that can help you dress in any style you want. When it comes to country music concerts, it is enough to add some country elements to your original style and you will surely look appropriate and unique at the same time. A different shirt, some boots that are new or a nice skirt can all start you off on the right way. The worst thing you can do is to wear boots to a casino free spins no deposit or to a music concert that you haven’t had enough miles in. Follow these tips and tricks, and surely you will look like you just came out of the “Nashville” set. 

Choose the Right Footwear

People say that there are no alternatives to cowboy boots. The problem is, if you don’t already have a comfy broken-in pair, those boots ain’t for you. The worst thing you can do is to wear boots to a music concert that you haven’t had enough miles in. So the best option is to choose some comfy trendy sports sneakers that will get you dancing through the whole night. If you are not sure how to choose the most comfortable ones, you can find more info at Walk Jog Run. And if you are worried about your style, just know that country-style sneakers are quite popular.

How to Choose Accessories

Find the right accessories. For jewelry, choose pendant or stud earrings in a classic or refined style, and combine them with a necklace. You won’t make any mistakes with choosing gold or silver. Don’t make the mistake of using too many accessories.

A Plaid Shirt

A good old plaid shirt in combination with a decorated skirt or a dress can work very effectively. If you chose a shirt with stronger colors and patterns, make sure that other pieces of clothing are not too flashy.

Statement Sunnies

When it comes to choosing sunglasses, it doesn’t matter which shape you prefer to wear, because whichever one you choose, it will be a quick and effective way to lift the whole outfit and make you look very fancy.

Straight Leg Jeans

Put on a good pair of jeans. Nothing is more country than blue jeans. The best are straight or pinocchietto ones. Levi’s and Wrangler are the classic western brands that will never go out of style. Gold or silver accessories are a perfect addition to the jeans. Avoid elaborate and overly flashy designs. Low-rise jeans are a good choice but high-waisted jeans are more traditional and perhaps more suitable for an elegant environment. For the hottest of summer days, opt for a pair of denim shorts.

Belt and Buckle

One of the main elements that characterize the country style is the leather belt with the silver and decorated buckle. The larger the buckle, the more appreciated it is and the engraving must bear a writing or an animal such as an eagle, a horse or a bull.

A Leather Jacket

Country jackets are generally made of leather. There are sleeved and sleeveless versions so they could be used all year round. For those who want to create the perfect country outfit, the suede version with fringes is definitely the best fashion choice.

Create the Style

Choose a color scheme. The country-style uses red and blue a lot. Lighter colors are better in the summer. Brown leather is generally more suitable than black leather. If necessary, use a color chart to decide which match you like best. Darker shades are less suitable for warmer climates, but they hide dirt well. Decide accordingly.