What Do Men Wear During Concerts and Festivals?

Music and fashion are art. So, it isn’t a surprise that different types of concerts and festivals usually come with different styles as an integration of two aspects of art together. If you are confused about what to wear and how to pick your accessory pieces, then it’s better to look at the type of concert you are attending first. While most concerts and festivals don’t have strict attire guidelines, with the exception of some classical concerts and symphonies, it’s still important to choose your clothes carefully. You don’t have to wear exactly what everyone else is, but you need to coordinate your clothing with the festival theme to not stick out like a sore thumb. 

Guys used to get the short end of the stick when it came to their festival style. There wasn’t much room for them to experiment and have fun with their outfits due to traditional gender roles. However, nowadays guys are having fun with their looks and accessories without paying much attention to feeling ashamed. There aren’t many rules for what you should wear and how you should pull it off; however, there are some things to consider in order to have fun and stand out with your outfit. 

Golden Rules for Electronic Music Festivals

These festivals are usually fun and carefree. You can choose to go for a simple t-shirt and a nice pair of pants or you can go raving in trippy pants and vibrant lively colors. While style is important and fun to play with, comfort should always come first during these festivals as they usually last for quite some time, whether it’s for a few hours or more than one day. There are two golden rules you have to bear in mind before picking your outfit. The first one is that you should always put your comfort first. You will be out in the sun for hours, so it’s important to wear breathable fabrics that will provide you with comfort and keep your body cool instead of damp and hot. The second rule is to never wear something you care about or holds a meaningful value to you. You are going to dance, sweat, and probably drink. So, it’s better to avoid wearing something that you are afraid you will ruin. 

Outfits Ideas Based On the Venue 

Forget about basic polo t-shirts, even if you can pop them out with accessories. In this era, you can find more options, from tank tops or flowy tops, a vibrant t-shirt with print all over them, to athletic tops, or even go for classic chinos or khakis. It’s interesting to find that chino pants and khakis have military origins, just like most menswear. Yet, due to their simplicity and style, they remained relative over the past 150 years even to raves and festivals. 

If it’s an outdoor concert, it’s important to take the weather into consideration. Whether it’s expected to get chilly, rainy, or hot, it’s better to be prepared. A hoodie or a light denim jacket, or investing in a raincoat to take it with you, is always a good idea to ensure your comfort during cold nights. If the concert is indoors, on the other hand, it’s enough to bring a light jacket that you can wear from the car that will drive you to the door and then you can just tie it around your waist or shoulders once you are inside. 

Outfits for Metal Concerts 

You can skip all the clichés (the dark clothes and playing around with smokey eye makeup) if you want. Metal concert outfits are usually quite simple. All you need is your favorite band’s t-shirt, a pair of black pants, and some rocking accessories. You can be extra if you want and choose to wear boots with spikes and add a silver medal to your pants or you can just stand out by using makeup. Heavy eye makeup and black nail polish are the most popular choices at metal concerts, regardless of your gender. If it’s going to be chilly, you can top your outfit with your favorite leather jacket. 

Choosing the right outfit for the concert or festival you are attending depends on certain factors that you need to take into consideration. From the type of concert you are going to, the venue, your preferred style, the weather, to the most important two considerations that you should never forget, namely, comfort and leaving any valuable article of clothing behind. Having fun with your style, accessories, and makeup is an important part of festivals regardless of your gender or what society accepts.


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