Super Cool Boys Haircuts for 2020

Your little boy deserves a stylish haircut that makes him feel fresh and look on point as they say. Here are some cool boys haircuts for this year.

Top Boys Haircuts and How to Rock Them

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Boys haircuts gives freedom to experiment your creativity. They can go to extreme ends but sometimes can be simple, but fashionable and stylish. Given so many options available to choose for your boy, you should make sure that you get a boy haircut that your boy will like, whether in school or attending formal occasions.

At MensHaircuts, we want to make your selection process easier and that’s why we decided to give you some of the coolest boys haircuts to try this year. Continue reading below to explore more.

  1. Side Part

It is a professional style that gives a clean look and has no time limitation. The side part is almost perfect boys haircuts that can be worn by guys with different face types. It is ideal for boys whose schools have a strict dressing code.

Size 3 to 6 are used for clippers to do the sides. The neck and the sides are faded, leaving the top part with medium hair. The hair is then styled to one side using a comb and a firm hair product to make it hold.

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  1. Crew Cut

The crew cut is a short hairstyle ideal for schoolboys, athletes, and high lifestyle men. It does not consume time to style as you can choose to style or leave it messy.

Short hair of about 2 inches is left on the top, and the back and sides fade with clippers of sizes 2 to 4.  You can style this boys haircut using your fingers or a comb to give you a spiky finish.

  1. Taper Fade

It is ideal for school going boys who are lazy when it comes to preparing for school.  A lot of time is not needed to have it done, and it gives a clean look, which goes well with a school uniform.

Hair is left on top with a length of 2 to 4 inches, and the back and sides tapered for an excellent touch. Boys can choose how deep they want the taper, making them achieve a chic style on their school look. You can give your taper fade a quick brush or use your fingers to style it. Leaving it untouched is also a way of styling the taper fade.

  1. Undercut

It is a trendy hairstyle that can pass in most schools with strict dress codes. The undercut is ideal for boys who take their time to groom for school.

The top of the head is left with 2 to 4 inches of hair length, and the sides tapered with a #1 to # 4 clippers. The clipper size is determined by the length of hair on top to make sure you get a neat look. The undercut is best styled using a firm hair product to make it hold for long.

  1. Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut is an ideal cut for boys who value their grooming time. It requires a lot of effort to make it look perfect. An excellent hair product is essential while styling it to make it hold and have a shiny look.

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  1. Fury Slick Back

It gets its name from Brad Pritt’s hairstyle from the movie ‘Fury.’ The hairstyle is ideal for boys who love a neat and clean look and should pass most of the schools’ dress codes.

Fury slick back involves having some long hair left at the top and some tapering done on the sides and at the nape. The top hair is then slicked back. A shiny hair product will rock the style.

  1. Edgy And Sharp Side Part

Cutting a sharp and edgy side part can breathe life to even the dullest boys haircuts. To get this look, tell your barber to shave the hair on the sides to shorter length and cut a clean line to make the side part refined and standout. You can then keep the rest of the manes mid-length or short depending on what you want.

  1. Textured Hair On Top Paired With An Undercut

If you need your boy to rock boys haircuts that are masculine and stylish, this is the right haircut to choose. The undercut in this haircut completes the look. The hair on top is left long and textured.

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