Prominent Country Stars Who Are Gun Owners

Brantley Gilbert shows off his big guns via

Country music stars love The Second Amendment and are proud gun owners, which is completely understandable, considering that, gun ownership is considered a part of their culture. Their fan base is made of people who also love to own and use various firearms, so for that reason, here is a list of prominent country musicians who are also gun owners:

1. Miranda Lambert

Lately known more for her personal life drama with Blake Shelton (who is her ex-husband), Miranda Lambert is also a proud gun owner, which is not a surprise considering that she even recorded a song called “Gunpowder and Lead”. But, she prefers to stay away from gun debates, as she doesn’t want to alienate anybody, which she also admitted, claiming that her goal is to entertain her fans and perform music and that political activism and protesting should be left to other people.

2. Luke Combs

Luke Combs had his big break in 2015 when his hit single “Hurricane” sold 15.000 copies in its first week of release.  Unfortunately, soon after that, a pistol was discovered in one of his bags, during the routine inspection at Nashville International Airport, while he was on the way to Las Vegas to attend ACM Awards. Luke wasn’t charged with firearms possession, but the pistol was confiscated as evidence.

3. Gretchen Wilson 

She burst onto the country scene in 2004 with her debut album “Here for the party”, and since then, she has released multiple albums, and even experimented with other music genres such as classic rock, which makes her a very versatile country artist. Aside from that, Gretchen is also an ardent gun-rights protester and is known to perform at rallies related to gun ownership. Even though she isn’t as popular as she was in the mid-2000s, she still performs on a regular basis and is vocal when it comes to her support for gun ownership rights.

4. Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert is a big supporter of the Second Amendment, which is obvious to anyone who decides to take a glance at his Instagram photos. He even has a gun-inspired tattoo all over his back, and he doesn’t shy away from showing off his firearm collection. So, if you, just like Brantley, love guns and hunting, then you should definitely visit The Gear Hunt website, where you will find a lot of valuable information about the latest hunting equipment and shooting accessories.

5. Tim McGraw

Probably the biggest country star on this list, Tim McGraw is a person who isn’t afraid to enter the debate regarding gun ownership and gun control. Tim once said that he is a big gun ownership supporter, but that he also believes in personal responsibility, and that all gun owners should be educated and trained when it comes to safety, especially if there are children around. 

Bottom line

These country performers are known for being proud gun owners, even though some of them have recently started advocating for stricter gun control, due to many tragic events that involved firearms. Still, if you’re looking for some celebrity inspirations when it comes to gun ownership and maintenance, these people can be a great example of how to be a star and a responsible gun owner at the same time.