A Look At Legalized Betting And How It Will Affect NFL Revenue Models

There is simply no denying that sports betting is here to stay. Sure, this is a practice that has been widely popular for years and years. The only real thing is that it was completely underground. Thanks to the legal frenzy this is no longer the case at all. Not only is sports betting now viewed as an acceptable practice, but it is legal in most states. Heck, in the NFL there is even talk about letting the fans bet on games in the stadium. This is, of course, something that you can already do with an Internet connection, but that is beside the point. The real concern is how is this legalized betting going to affect the NFL revenue models?

More Income

This one is probably pretty obvious, but they’re still are some individuals out there that might overlook it. Of course, legal betting is going to increase the revenue market. Why wouldn’t it? People like to watch NFL games. People also like to bet. You mix the two together and you are looking at a recipe for success. You give people the option of betting at the gate or placing bets during the game, and you are just opening up a whole entire new revenue stream. TV rights and sponsorship deals have always fueled the NFL in the past, but with live legal sports betting, it could be the sports betting revenue that takes the industry to all-new heights.

More Sponsorships And Deals

Speaking of sponsorships, there is no denying that the NFL has always been a big proponent. Just look at the current number of NFL players that have shoe deals or something else going on the side with some brand of athletic apparel. That being said, the league itself benefits from sponsorship. Who do you think is getting paid to hang those online casino ads in their stadiums. Who do you think is earning money when they run those commercials every timeout? It is the league and with more opportunities, it only makes sense that sites like ceme online would pay the NFL to host their emblems and logos during halftime events or bigger shows. All that aside, this doesn’t just mean more sponsorship deals for the league. It could mean more independent sponsorship deals for the players as well.

More Merchandise

There is no denying that merchandise is another big revenue stream for the NFL. Heck, every time you see a fan wearing one of his or her teams on a shirt, hat, or banner, you can guarantee that there was some kickback in there to the league. It might not have directly gone to the league, but they are getting their slice somehow. If you open the market for live sports betting it is only going to increase the potential for merchandise as well as the potential for merchandise sales. Who wouldn’t want a poker star shit with their favorite team? Who wouldn’t want an official Cowboy’s jersey with the hottest online casino posted on the front or back? Any fan would and they will eat this gear up!



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