5 Dashing Jackets for a Lady to Wear When Visiting Country Music Cities

The countryside is one of the best places to hang out. The countryside is known for its food, its warm people, and of course, the awesome music. Country cities such as Nashville, Tennessee, is where big country legends are born. Some of the country legends that are from Nashville are Kitty Wells, Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, Johnny Cash, Miley, and Billy Ray Cyrus and so much more.

Another good country music city is Memphis. This city is where the legendary Elvis Presley made his fame and fortune. Country music cities are excellent places to visit, especially if you’re a big fan. If you’re a city girl and you’re going to a country music city for a vacation, you should have a jacket that’ll suit your style.

Not only will you look and feel good about your style, you’ll also be paying homage to all the greats in the industry. Here are some jackets that would be nice to bring along:

Leather Jacket

One of the rarest pieces that can instantly switch straight from the workplace to the farmer’s market to the club is a leather jacket. You can opt to wear a black leather jacket for a fashionable nighttime look or wear one over a lace dress for a more ladylike-not-fragile outfit.

A leather jacket could come in handy whenever you want to wear something offbeat but would like to keep it casual. Or those times when you want to keep it simple yet stylish but don’t want to exert much effort. Or whenever you need some layering, a leather jacket is the answer.

Genuine leather jackets for women come in different variants, for which all of them look evenly sexy, be it open, buttoned, belted, or zipped. Black leather jackets are not the only option you can consider because red, brown, and gray are, in the same manner, stylish options for leather jackets.

Denim Jacket

Anything denim is a default when it comes to country fashion. You can’t go wrong with denim! Denim jackets have been in the fashion scene for a very long time, and it will never go anywhere fast.

Believe it or not, the denim jacket became one of the most well-known fashion trends in the industry. When you’re a country girl, you’re sure to have one of these go to fashion items. There’s also a chance that you presumably own at least one denim jacket when you were still young, so why’d you want to have one denim jacket now? Well, first of all, denim jackets are highly versatile which means you can wear them all year round.

These jackets are warm enough for the winter season and are light enough for spring wear. Plus, they’re very affordable and require little to no maintenance at all. Wear a denim jacket over your go-to outfits, especially if you are dressing down a fancy-schmancy outfit. Just like your pair of jeans, a denim jacket will work well with any material, color, and pattern.


Ideally, every woman should have at least one blazer in their wardrobe. Polished and fitting blazers are best for every event from casual wear to formal wear. Even though they aren’t formal by nature, blazers can be, for the most part, paired with a plain or graphic tee and blue jeans as well.

When it comes to blazers, you can find a wealth of jeans. However, they are all the same in plenty of ways. Blazers always present a fold over collar and two front pockets. Blazers are not as bulky as compared to other types of jackets. Thus you can wear them as a layer under a coat or in almost any kind of weather conditions. A clean look for you would be a cowgirl hat, a white shirt underneath your blazer, ripped denim shorts, and a good pair of cowgirl boots.

Trench Coat

When we talk about a classic and timeless clothing item, every woman should have it in their wardrobe. A trench coat should be on top of the list. The conventional style of a trench coat has not changed at all, making it an essential and ideal investment for every woman’s wardrobe.

You might think that a trench coat is hot for country weather, but when you get inside cold places like malls or hotels, a short trench coat, a cowboy hat, rugged denim jeans, and some cowgirl boots can complete that overall look. Make sure to accessorize with a skeleton watch or any other jewelry that won’t complicate your look.

You will be thankful and pleased that you have one, especially during those times of the year with the erratic weather. Trench coats will keep you looking well-defined, even in a tremendous pouring of rain. Most trench coats are waterproof, and thus you won’t have to worry about downpours.

You can opt to wear your trench coat over a sweater or a simple white shirt. Wear it with anything, and it will, without a doubt, boost up your entire look. Keep in mind that you can go for trench coats in any hues like red or yellow, not only a camel colored one. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who walks pompously on the street.

Bomber Jacket

Biker or bomber jackets are, for the most part, reviewed as tomboyish and chic at the same time feminine. You don’t need to wear this type of jacket only when you’re riding a bike. You can wear it on any occasion, from the office to your afternoon date.

It will surely blow your mind on how many different ways you can wear such a jacket. It emits a certain level of coolness and sex appeal that most women can’t manage. Bomber jackets work well on different clothing pieces such as ripped jeans, pencil skirts, shorts, maxi skirts, and many more.


We all need to have some jackets in our wardrobes, not only to shield us from the weather but also because of the way they appear. With the vast options of jackets out there, it’s kind of hard to choose which jacket to add to your wardrobe.

If you’re going on a trip to a country music town or city, it’s best that you also wear the things that are in. Jackets are perfect examples of fashion items that can complete your country music look. Once you’re dressed right for the mood, you can surely enjoy the pure, authentic sound of country music.