3 reel slot games that we all know

When slot machines first started to gain popularity back at the tail end of the 1800s they were incredibly simple compared to what gamblers can spin the reels on now. No bonus features and only one pay line, it can often seem like a wonder that they took off with such force back then – then again that is using the power of hindsight. 

These days most online slot games make use of a 5 reel grid system, with anything from 10 to 50 pay lines on offer. It certainly makes for a more exciting play, however it can also scare away some more novice slot gamblers who are yet to get their heads around the whole process. This is why many gamblers prefer to play 3 reel slot games, as they can often be the simplest to get a hang of. Standby for some of our favourite 3 reel slot games on the market. 

Lucky Irish 

Everybody loves an Irish themed slot game, do they not? This one from WGS Technology is one of the simplest Ireland style slot games on the market at the moment, however this is not to say it is lacking in excitement – far from it! The developer has utilized a retro 3 reel system here, with one sole pay line as well, meaning that the action will be easy to keep track of. 

Our favourite thing about Lucky Irish is the fact that the game screen is made to look like a physical slot machine in a casino hall, with a retro spin lever being added to increase the sense of nostalgia. If you bet with the maximum stake allowed during Lucky Irish you can also win quite a large amount of money… it’s a win-win! 

Break Da Bank 

As some diehard modern slot gamblers might tell you, it is impossible to break the bank on a 3 reel slot! However, this just isn’t true at all, and do you want to know why? Well, Microgaming’s online slot Break Da Bank stands in direct opposition to that statement, a game that could really leave you breaking the bank. 

There are 5 pay lines in Break Da Bank, for the gamblers that weren’t satisfied with the sole pay line on offer during Lucky Irish. There are also wild symbols to sink your teeth into here, and these can substitute with all other icons to make winning combinations. 

Couch Potato 

Ironically it can be rather easy to become a couch potato whilst spinning the reels on your favourite online slots, however if you are winning money who cares eh? Couch Potato is another 3 reel slot from Microgaming, this time only possessing one pay line. 

This could put some gamblers off, but the reality is that Couch Potato has some seriously lucrative symbols on offer on its reels. You could quite easily win a multiplier worth x25, for instance, something that could see your pockets getting heavier in no time.