Want to Get a Tattoo? Here is What You Need to Know

Choosing the right tattoo requires you to select the most meaningful symbol, design, size, and color. Getting a tattoo can be a painful, costly, and inconvenient experience. Take your time to work with an artist who can give you precisely what you’re looking for. Here are helpful tips to guide you in choosing a meaningful tattoo.

Consider the Tattoo’s Effect

You don’t have to lose your job or suffer constant life conflicts with people in your community over a tattoo. For example, some religions, sports, and organizations have particular rules when it comes to tattooing.

Choose the Right Design

Once you have decided that getting a tattoo is a good idea, proceed to pick the right tattoo design. Choose a design that has a personal meaning or reflects positively on your personality. The tattoo should represent something you adore, enjoy, or has sentimental value to you. Some of the common tattoo designs to consider include:

  • Significant Dates

Significant dates such as date of birth or wedding date make for incredible tattoos because they serve as an essential reminder of crucial moments in your life. For instance, the date you got engaged may not be traditionally grand but may play a life-changing role in your life.

You can also choose to go with the date you traveled to a memorable destination with your loved one. If you don’t have any ideas for special dates, consider the birthday of your favorite celebrity.

Tattoo artists use different styles and countless designs to write dates, such as zodiac symbols, calligraphy, and calendar graphics. For example, if you love astrology, having a Zodiac symbol on your skin might be a great option.

  • Portraits

Many people have portraits of all kinds tattooed on their skins. If you want to try the timeless angle, consider the actual Greek symbol of strength. A black and white Greek symbol of strength on your shoulder can be a permanent reminder of the ancient Greek history of the Minotaur mythology of a creature that was part man and part bull.

You can also get a simple yet detailed portrait that reminds you of someone you love and adore. If you love your pets, you can also consider immortalizing them in your tattoo. In other words, when it comes to choosing the right portrait for your tattoo, your options are limitless.

  • Quotes and Lyrics

If you want to go for quotes and lyrics, make sure you understand the true meaning of the words and their origins. Don’t just get tatted because you admired the tattoo of a particular quote on your favorite folk artist or a close friend. Some common words can have very different meanings and interpretations in various cultures.

Where it Should be Placed

You can choose to be tatted where it’s visible every day or on a hidden part of your body. In most cases, placement is determined by the design, style, and type of tattoo you choose. An experienced tattoo artist will first print up your tattoo design and put it on your skin to check and confirm placement before proceeding. Additionally, the type of clothes you wear and the activities you regularly participate in should have an impact on the tattoo’s placement.

Choose the Right Artist

Make sure you choose a tattoo artist who specializes in what you’re specifically looking for in terms of style and design. Although most experienced artists can comfortably manage to achieve a wide variety of styles, it’s advisable to find one who specializes in your particular style. At this stage, you should also compare prices and the specific services that you’re paying for. Rather than just walking into the nearest parlor, consider checking out recommendations from previous clients.

Many people end up making the wrong decisions when choosing the right tattoo. While it’s a good idea to borrow ideas from other people, it all boils down to your personal taste. Don’t be afraid to discuss your options or preferences with your tattoo artist to get something unique and evocative.