Review: Jagged Little Pill Upsurges Emotions with Fresh Songs

It takes more than a constructive story to build a musical that stays with you even after long. It’s the spellbinding musical score, immersive flow of the plot and incredible lyrics that make a musical like that. And Jagged Little Pill has somehow accomplished it all.

The next month is jam-pack with musical dates and I’m sure it’ll be full with the audience as well. Jagged Little Pill is currently playing at the Broadhurst Theatre. Discounted Jagged Little Pill Tickets are available for interested theatergoers.

Curse of the Creatives:

If you have never experienced tears welling up in your eyes you certainly will with this production. That’s one of the reasons I title it as the Curse of the Creatives. It is so good that you can’t help but be moved. Also, you can’t stop those tears from flowing when Jo is singing “You Oughta Know.” Or when Bella explodes in “Predator” or practically every other song and scene from the musical. More can be found at

The lyrics have been ceaselessly broken down and explored, by Morissette. But the songs are attributed to Tom Kitt’s arrangement. The musical includes some of the best-reimagined songs from Morissette’s landmark 1995 album. With a fantastic book by Hollywood screenwriter Diablo Cody and the skillful direction of Diane Paulus, the musical is a complete piece of art and creativity.

Synopsis: What Is It All About!

Jagged Little Pill discusses the circumstances of a Connecticut family. Healy family consists of Steve, the man of the house, MJ (short for Mary Jane) Steve’s wife and their two children Nick and Frankie. A normal happy family, wait not so fast, this may appear as a normal-happy-family but if it was we wouldn’t be talking about it.

Both parents suffer from middle-aged marital problems. Dealing with them in their own different ways, Steve is addicted to porn while MJ to painkillers. And their two children – Nick earning an early invitation to Harvard, their perfect son. The other Frankie, their adopted black daughter who wishes to save the world – both have their hands full with their own set of addictions or problems.

Best of Jagged Little Pill Musical

The best moments of the musical are mostly the times there’s a song playing. So at the end of the day, Morissette’s new songs take all the credit. One of the moments that got sketched in my mind and will probably stay there is when Bella (Kathryn Gallagher), is raped and told to shut up or suffer, sings “Predator.”

Other is of course when in the second act, a dejected Jo sings “You Oughta Know.” The song comes with a gush and takes you with it. The way sang Lauren Patten portrayed a young lesbian abandoned by her best friend, is captivating. She welled up so much talent for the song that it is turned into a dominant 21st-century queer anthem.

After an engulfing “You Oughta Know,” it’s time for the star of the show to shine. MJ (Elizabeth Stanley) stunningly takes over, overdosed with the opioid, singing the Grammy-winning “Uninvited.” One of the things that caught my eye was her twin dancing to mimic her anguish.

Other than these, “Hand in My Pocket,” “Head Over Feet,” and “Ironic” are among the mentionable of the musical’s songs. Of course, it would not have succeeded Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s amazing choreography. Her instructed inspirational movements are the ones that lead the broadway musical.


The production is earnest and open in all its aspects. It is like a mischievous child that is so passionate that you can’t help but let him off. All in all, Jagged Little Pill is that unavoidable nasty medicine that must be swallowed to get cured.