It Got Better: 3 Opiate Addict Stories with Happy (And Sober) Endings

Most of the stories we hear about opiate addiction are sad ones. On average, 130 people die from opioid overdoses every single day in America. Plenty more people are struggling every day, losing everything that’s dear to them to the horror that is opioid addiction.

Thankfully, not all of the stories are bad. Some of them are miraculous. There is hope for people struggling with opioid addiction. When addicts find their way into recovery and stay clean and sober, their lives transform.

These three opiate addict stories show that recovery is possible.

Jamee’s Story

Jamee Valet started drinking and using drugs when she was very young to escape from her difficult and dangerous home life.

When she was 15, her boyfriend got her hooked on prescription pills. After she was violently assaulted, the pills weren’t enough and she turned to heroin and meth to deal with her trauma.

Jamee was arrested several times and even tried to kill herself before her first attempt to get sober.

When she finally went to treatment, she met her current boyfriend and they were both convinced their recovery would last. But Jamee relapsed after having a miscarriage. The love of her boyfriend and his family saved her. They got her into treatment again, and she’s been sober ever since.

Her story went viral after she posted a before and after picture to a Facebook group. The before shows her looking dangerously thin, sick, and covered with pockmarks. In the after picture, she’s glowing in her graduation cap.

Ron and Carla’s Story

In 2016 a video of Ron and Carla overdosing on a suburban sidewalk went viral.

The police were called and both Ron and Carla’s lives were saved. But neither of them got sober right away. Carla went to jail for a previous charge, and Ron went right home to use more of the heroin he’d overdosed on before.

Ron’s daughter saw the viral video and did the only thing she could think of – she called a treatment center. She arranged for her father to get into treatment and he underwent medication assisted treatment to get sober.

When Carla got out of jail, Ron’s daughter told her that he was in treatment, and she decided to go as well. Today they’re both sober and Ron is studying to become a recovery counselor so he can help others get sober.

Brent and Ashley’s Story

Brent and Ashley met and fell in love all under the influence of hard drugs like heroin and meth. Their tumultuous relationship was marked by fights and incessant drug abuse. But they loved each other deeply, and eventually, that love is what helped get them both sober.

Just over three years ago, Brent was released from prison after serving time for drug-related charges. One of the conditions of his parole was staying clean. But he and Ashley continued to use anyway.

Brent started to get scared that he’d be sent to jail for failing his drug tests, so he decided to get clean, and Ashley followed suit. The two got into a 12-step program and they just celebrated three years of sobriety. Their story went viral when they posted before and after pictures on Facebook with a caption celebrating their sobriety dates.

Opiate Addict Stories That Give Hope

These are just a few opiate addict stories that prove that recovery is possible. Each of these people was brought to their knees by addiction, but they all fought hard and recovered.

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