Background Music for Video: How to Choose the Right Music for a Wedding Film

Having a perfectly shot video footage is crucial, however, there is something else, not less important, but usually less visible it’s a music background. Adding music to videos always increases their whatchability. Music attracts attention, relieves the memories. So, the music background is a must-have of any wedding film. Wedding films are usually made by videographers themselves or are delegated to professional editing services, like Wedcuts. To get a desirable outcome, it’s important to make a compromise and pick appropriate music for your wedding film. But, how to choose the right music without the breach of copyright? How to find a track that will fit the video? Here some tips that can help you with this:

Music Should Convey Emotions

In other words, music for a wedding film should coincide with the couple’s style and mood. That’s why it’s good to discuss the details before the wedding: the favorite music style (rock, jazz, etc.) and the overall wedding film concept. Some genres (like pop music, ballads) are more easy to work with for videographers. When a couple chooses heavy metal or rock, it usually requires more creativity. Remember that a wedding film is a story. And like any story, it has several development stages: processional, bride’s entrance, vows, exit, reception, first dance, etc, So, probably, you will have to choose more than one song for your film. The music choice really makes the wedding video, so take your time to pick the right tracks for a wedding film. 

Make a Wedding Film More Dynamic 

Sometimes, couples may not realize what music will fit the video. Most people think that something romantic and soft is the best choice for a wedding film. But, it depends on which part of the film you’re watching. If you don’t want to get a monotonous boring film in the end, pick songs that are dynamic, have rhythm, changes, and breaks. This way, a videographer can use the high and low rhythmic parts of songs as a driving force for different parts of a wedding film. Slow tempo will be perfect for a ceremony, first dance, medium tempo is good for the beginning of the film, and the most energetic part of a song should be saved for the end. 

Search for Inspiration 

If it’s difficult for you to choose the right music for a wedding film, try to check out different music resources, for example, Musicbed, MusicBox or Soundstripe (these are some websites where videographers often buy music). You can explore music via “Related Artists” on Amazon, CDUniverse or Spotify. Among the most popular royalty-free music websites you can also find Vimeo’s Music Store, SongFreedom, Triple Scoop Music. To find your vision, watch other people’s wedding films, foremost, your videographers’ works. Get more tips on where to find the right music for your wedding film on Wedcuts. 

What About the Music License? 

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to use any popular song or music in a wedding film. For the majority of them, you will need permission for using copyrighted music. Not only popular singers but also creators of sound effects and ordinary music backgrounds copyright their product. In this situation, videographers have two ways: searching for royalty-free musical compositions or contacting the copyright holder. In the latter case, in order to use licensed music, a videographer will have to ask for a sync license or a wedding license. The license price varies depending on multiple factors. For example, on Musicbed a wedding license will cost $49 which gives you access to thousands of songs to choose from. Using copyrighted music without permission is a risk for a videographer’s reputation. 

Let Your Videographer To Make a Final Decision 

Videographers prefer to choose songs for a film by themselves, but everything depends on the relationship with a couple. It’s important to trust your videographer. He or she is an expert in filmmaking and may understand what you need better than you. 

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