Are Gambling Addicts Being Targeted By Google Ads?

It really doesn’t matter if you are a gambler or not, there is a good chance that you have seen a gambling ad or two online. Heck, it is hard to visit a website these days without being targeted by some kind of ad. And, more than likely it will probably be a gambling ad. This is because gambling online is not only being more and more widespread, but it is being more accepted. More and more states have legalized online gambling, which can be seen as a good thing for many. There are some that see it as a bad thing. There are even some that said they have been targeted by these online casinos. Is this the case or is this simply something similar to the case of the mistaken identity? Are addicts really being targeted by Google?

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Searching Online

There is no denying that there are gambling addicts out there. Science has proven time and time again that people can become addicted to gambling. Not only can they become addicted, but it can eventually lead to unwanted results and actions. That being said, when most people today seek out help with something they do it online. And, this is where the targeting comes in. When gambling addicts visit Google and search for help they are bombarded with gambling ads. This is because Google’s algorithm is serving up ads promising thousands of dollars in potential earnings. There might even be promises of gambling software that was specifically designed to help reduce gambling addiction.

Anti-Gambling Software

It is true that some online casinos have done their part in trying to help with gambling addiction. In fact, there are now a number of quality online providers like ceme online that limit the time and amount of money that players can spend. For instance, there might be a cap of $10,000 a month for some players. Some providers might even limit their customer’s playing time to 5 hours a week. Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that these are all good approaches. There is also no denying that there are ways around these restrictions. All players have to do is download firewalls or created additional accounts. Heck, it might be as something as simple as signing up with another provider.

In today’s time, there is no shortage of access to online gambling. If players want to gamble online, they are going to be able to gamble online. It doesn’t matter what these online providers do to place limitations.

Suspending Accounts

It is entirely possible that these online providers targeted certain keywords for gambling addiction. Everything runs on algorithms today, and if you know how to manipulate it in the right way, you can use it to your advantage. That is exactly what happened in this case, and this is why Google chose to ban these accounts. Google banned several online providers that have been suspected of targeting gambling addicts. As long as gamblers are aware and Google is doing their part it should be possible to help addicts deal with their addiction.