A Perfect Topic for a College Application

College education is designed for students looking to enhance their critical thinking skills, and apply themselves in ways they never have before. It is a chance for the applicant to express who they are, what they desire, what drives, motivates and ensures they will accomplish their aspirations and goals. A complete college application requires the same amount of thoughts and dedication that the student will need for their future education. One of the best ways to indicate these traits, characteristics and thoughts is through the essay topic. An essay topic on a college application should help display the personalities of future students, be appropriately challenging, follow proper writing format, and help the college find a diverse student population. The topic, “If you could learn to do anything, what would it be and why?” expresses these traits and ideas. You can also get someone to do my assignment.


Things to write about for the selected topic

To begin, the topic for an essay, be it an argumentative essay or compare and contrast essay, “If you could learn to do anything, what would it be and why?” is not a typical topic that a college applicant would respond to. Therefore, it requires the student to react or respond with a creative answer that represents their personality and who they are. The question in itself drives a wide variety of responses, which allows the college to see each student’s strengths and weaknesses. It provides the college with a vision for that potential student, an understanding of what they are striving for while in the college, in themselves and their goals, perhaps in life.

For example, if one student wants to learn how to solve complex algorithms quickly in their head, then their weakness might be in math. In addition, the answer also shows that the student would want to work on this subject to be better. Another example would be a student who would choose to learn to speak 20 different languages fluently. This answer would imply that the student may be very good with languages, or that languages are a special interest of theirs. The essay topic at hand could provide the college a more in-depth view of that potential student. The college would have an additional viewpoint to base their decision on, not just their transcript, or an unoriginal essay prompt. Overall, this question would be a great choice for a TOK essay since it can help depict each college applicant in an individualistic manner through their personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

Secondly, the topic, “If you could learn to do anything, what would it be and why?” is appropriately challenging through its creative answer, and necessary explanation. This question requires the student to put on their thinking cap, and apply himself or herself in order to answer the question well. Some topics can be too easy due to how common or repetitive they are, or they have canned responses. On the contrary, this question is not prevalent on many applications, and encourages the student to answer it with originality and creativeness, all of which takes time and thought. College is not just about hard work; it is about wanting to learn, to strive to do one’s best, to try things out of your comfort zone, to meet new friends, and develop oneself.  This type of essay prompts the student to look within himself or herself, challenge their being and show their creative side.

Finally, the topic would be a favorable essay topic on a college application due to its ability to help the college find a well-rounded student body. The college is able to look at each application and accept students based upon their academic performance as well as their strengths and weaknesses. The college then finds itself with a more diversely thinking student population, which is a trait that many colleges strive to have. Having many contrasting ways of thought is also beneficial for the students. The students will be in an environment where they can learn from others’ perspectives through the help of their college application essay topic, “If you could learn to do anything, what would it be and why?”

College is a time for students to gain knowledge, expand their horizons, and become well-rounded people, so why not have an essay topic that helps reflect that. “If you could learn to do anything, what would it be and why?” is one question that allows students to think creatively and encourages them to come up with an individualistic answer. It allows students to be themselves, but also demonstrate their strengths or weaknesses. The college is able to review each applicant as an individual and determine if these qualities correspond with the college’s environment. This topic could enhance a college’s application because it helps display the student’s personality; it challenges the applicant, and assists the college in finding a student body that exhibits many different strengths, weaknesses, and thought processes.