The Three Best Boxing Ring Entrance Songs

One of the many sports that goes hand in hand with music is boxing, with each fighter having their own ring entrance music that they walk to the ring with. These are there to get fans up for the fight, put the boxer in the right frame of mind and generally build up the atmosphere. We have seen some great ring walk moments over the years, some boxer come out to the same song each time, some mix it up and some even have live performances from artists rather than the track being played.

Is there a moment that stands out for you? Here are our top three boxing ring entrance moments.

#3 Prince Naseem Hamed – Here Comes the Hotstepper

When you think back to boxers of the past that oozed style and confidence, Prince Naseem Hamed will be towards the top of your list. The Sheffield based boxer was known for his ring entrances too, flying in on a flying carpet at one event, much to the delight of the crowd.

A man known for his entrances and known for being a little arrogant and confident in himself needed a good piece of music to make his way to the ring to, and he found just that. Here Comes the Hotstepper was released as a single in 1994 by Jamaican artist Ini Kamoze, and it is fair to say that the music captured Naseem’s vibe perfectly.

#2 Anthony Joshua – Shut Up (Performed Live by Stormzy)

Anthony Joshua has used many different songs during his time as a boxer with artists such as Giggsy and The White Stripes being a part of it. However, it was a live performance during his ring walk for a big clash against Dillian Whyte that stands out as being his best, and one of the best we have ever seen.

Grime artist Stormzy performed in the ring as Joshua made his entrance, something that brought one of the biggest emerging music artists and biggest sportsmen together.

Joshua has just won back his belts from Andy Ruiz Jr and looks set to have a huge 2020 ahead of him. We may even see Stormzy performing for him again in the future. It is expected that Joshua will fight at least a couple of times in 2020, and as soon as something is announced you can expect bookmakers such as those listed at to start taking bets on them.

Thanks to big stars such as Joshua emerging, football betting sites are finding themselves inundated with punters looking to place bets on the next big fights.

#1 Chris Eubank – Simply The Best

Is there a man in boxing more confident and assured of himself than the great Chris Eubank? We don’t think so, and his ring entrance music tells you all you need to know about him and his personality.

Eubank was a showman, and anyone who paid extra special attention to detail would note that even his ring walk was timed to the song, with him leaping into the ring as the second chorus of this song started. Eubank believed he was the best boxer of his generation, his song was called simply the best and for us, his ring entrance was the best we have ever seen.