How to Use YouTube to Boost Your Music

It has never been harder to make it big in the music industry, with record companies reluctant to put money behind talent. Luckily, YouTube and the wider online community has filled the gap, allowing artists to get their music heard and even become popular. However, many musicians ask how they can start their YouTube journey and start growing.

Like other areas, the internet has transformed an industry. We have seen the TV/movie industry change with streaming services, gambling change with the introduction of the casino online, and journalism change through blogs. It’s no different with music, which has been overhauled in the era of YouTube and services like Spotify.

Here are some awesome tips for leveraging YouTube to boost your music career.

Deliver the best content you can

Like any other path to success, to become well-known as a musician on YouTube you will need to have good content. Now, the online world is different from the traditional music market. Users are not necessarily looking for amazing songs (although that would be a great start!). Instead, they may value proficiency on an instrument, someone with a good voice, or a creator who has fun with music.

Yes, it’s amazing, but on YouTube you don’t even need to have songs to be an important musician. Show your skills and create interesting videos – with good image and audio quality – and you will already stand a chance of being noticed.

Titles and Thumbnails are important

Think about when you browse through YouTube, what prompts you to choose a random video? Studies have shown most users find new content by clicking on a title and/or thumbnail that entices them. If your videos have unimaginative titles and boring thumbnails, don’t expect a flood of views, even if your music is stellar.

Offer dynamic content

So, you’re an excellent band and your latest album is a must-listen. Fantastic, if you’re good there is a strong chance people will find you on YouTube. However, they will also quickly lose interest if you don’t differentiate your content. Yes, music videos and live performances are great to attract fans, but in the online world you need to do more to keep their attention.

Grabbing attention regularly is thankfully as simple as being creative with your videos. Mix it up by including other types of content aside from music videos and performances. Try interviewing band members, offer Q&As, link up with other artists, or even react to other online music.

Link other content and websites

If you are a musician looking to sell music, YouTube should act as the doorway for customers to access your work. Including a link to your website or Spotify page (it should be both) is a simple way to direct people to your music. If they like what they see and hear in your videos, people will click those links and may purchase your songs.

Equally, if you have a social media presence, be sure to link it in so viewers can follow you across platforms. You can choose to link to social or music pages in the video by explicitly telling viewers about these places. If you don’t feel comfortable with that aggressive marketing that’s fine. Links to other relevant content should always be available in the “Description” part of YouTube located below each video.

Respond to every comment

Ok, if you’re Taylor Swift or even someone with thousands of regular viewers, responding to every comment is not possible. However, when you are growing your YouTube channel, the number of comments will be minimal. Fans love to feel they are valued, so responding to their comments can help keep them engaged in your music.