Five Occasions Footballers Have Tried to Become Rap Stars

The worlds of music and football collide from time to time, but this doesn’t very often happen in the rap genre. However, we have seen a few footballers try and become rap stars in recent years, trying to showcase their silky-smooth skills with a microphone as well as on the field of play. Here are five attempts footballers have made to become rap stars.

#5 Memphis Depay

Memphis Depay will be known to football fans for his time at Manchester United, despite it being short lived and not having the fireworks many expected. The Dutch player signed after lighting up the Eredivisie but it was before he shot to fame as a footballer that he attempted rap music. Depay has also spent time producing music in the past too, so he is clearly a big fan and it may be something we see him turn back to in the future once his footballing days are over.

Depay has also spent time producing music in the past too, so he is clearly a big fan and it may be something we see him turn back to in the future once his footballing days are over.

#4 Clint Dempsey

Being from the USA, where rap music is huge, gave Dempsey the upper hand compared to most footballers. In 2006, he collaborated with a number of different rappers for the song ‘Don’t Tread’ under the name ‘Deuce’.

The story of this song has a sad touch to it as Dempsey dedicated the song to his sister, who passed away at the age of just 16 after a brain aneurysm. Dempsey has now retired from football, but we haven’t yet seen him return to the world of music.

#3 Andy Cole

Former Manchester United and Newcastle striker Andy Cole turned to music after a very successful football career, but his short-lived stint as a rapper ended very quickly after being a failure. He teamed up with DJ Pied Piper and released the single ‘Outstanding’ in 1999, though the record was a complete flop and we have not heard from Cole as a musician ever since.

#2 The Liverpool Football Team

This will go down as one of the greatest fusions between football and music, with the Liverpool football team coming together in 1998 to release the ‘Anfield Rap’. The song went on to be in the top three of the UK singles chart, and featured Liverpool legends of the time Ian Rush, Steve McManaman, John Aldridge and Kenny Dalglish.

With the success surrounding them at the moment, Liverpool will no doubt be popular with punters who are using sites like those listed on to place football bets. After a Champions League victory last season and the chance of a Premier League victory this season, football betting sites will be hoping to see the back of this successful Liverpool period very soon.

This is a special group of players that Liverpool have at the moment, maybe they will get together and follow in the footsteps of the 1998 team and create a song of their own.

#1 John Barnes

When you think of football and music together, many people will instantly think of John Barnes and the rap performance he puts in on the New Order song ‘World in Motion’. The song was released ahead of England’s 1990 World Cup campaign, where Barnes played a key role, and it also made number one in the charts, cementing it as one of the best football songs of all time.

Those looking to become a rapper in the future after time in the footballing world would be wise to take a look at what John Barnes did and try to emulate him.

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