Best budget earbuds UK

The Betron YSM100 is in-ear headphones. These headphones have an attractive look and outstandingly well-built as affordable product headphones. Betron headphones are stable for sports and are breathable. Though these headphones come with mediocre audio reproduction, but submissively segregate the right quantity of noise, which can be used in daily travel. Betron headphone is trouble-free wired headphone, so it saves you from the irritation of connecting them every time or battery or latency problems. 

In this article, you will get a complete betron hd1000 review, so it will easy for you to understand the pros and cons of the product.


The Betron YSM1000 is the best budget ear buds in the UK. These are well-built and simple, for their price they are the best choice among other expensive headphones with the same features. These headphones are breathable ad portable; they have decent inline remote feels responsive. They have a sleek look from the side and come with a small pouch.


Silver buds and gold accents Betron YSM1000 give a premium look. The smart design is perfect for ears and doesn’t stand out like more significant earplugs. These headphones have a transparent rubberized coating on cables; this enables you to see inside the cable; also, it provides a beautiful look. These headphones come in only one color, so you have no choice for favorite color.


They aren’t the most comfortable in-ears we’ve tested so far, and the fit will depend on if you can find the right tip size for you. In-ears enter the ear canal and might not be as comfortable for everyone. On the upside, they come with foam tips that some may find better to achieve a better air-tight and comfortable fit


  • OS Compatibility:             IOS
  • Feedback:                           Good
  • Ease of use:                        Good
  • Microphone control:        No
  • Music/Call control:          Yes
  • Volume control:                Yes
  • Noise Canceling control: N/A
  • Channel Mixing:               N/A
  • Talk-Through:                   No
  • Additional Button:            No

There is no rewind option on android devices, but proper call functions like call, music controls with volume control, and track skipping. The button layout is straightforward, and user-friendly offers good feedback. By longer press, on the middle button, you can trigger your device’s voice assistant. Therefore the volume button is a bit sappy.


Avg.Temp.Difference: 0.8 C

Betron headphones do not trap heat under ear cups.


These headphones are portable and can fit in your pocket. They come in a small pack so you can carry them around easily.

Build Quality

For budget headphones, the Betron YSM1000 are well-built, made out of metal, like piston classic and the earbuds are relatively dense. The cables are rubberized.


They don’t easily pop out of your ears, suitable for running and light physical activity.


Bass Amount 
2.63 DB

Treble Amount
5.15 DB

Bass Accuracy 

Std. Err.
4.38 dB

Low-Frequency Extension
10 Hz

1.96 dB

3.76 dB

6.97 dB

The isolation is remarkable for Betron headphones; Without ANC features, they block background noise. They do not leak at high volumes.


Recording Quality
20.9 dB

FR Std. Dev
1.93 dB

Weighted THD

2673.34 Hz

269.09 Hz


2.09 DB

2.1 DB