What Is An Instagram Video View?

For all the online marketers out there, video marketing is the next big thing. Be it on youtube or Instagram; video marketing is taking its own space over the conventional form of graphics and textual marketing. In this post, we’ve discussed everything there is to know about videos on Instagram. What is counted as a view on an Instagram video and how marketers take advantage of it? Before that,  you can check out a great app GetInsta. It helps you to get real and free followers  and likes for Instagram.

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There are several kinds of videos you can post on Instagram. You can upload a video as a single post, multipost, Instagram story, multi-part Instagram story, and Instagram TV. A view of different forms of videos is considered differently. Instagram doesn’t have a powerful algorithm appointed for counting what you call a view, unlike Youtube. You can check the public view count at the bottom of every video you post on Instagram.

A video on Instagram must be of a duration that is under 60 seconds. The view count shows how many times the video has been seen. You can either choose to keep that view count private to yourself or the public for everyone to see. The view count of a multipost video is not available on Instagram as of now. This means if you upload a video as a gallery, there won’t be a view count assigned to the video accurately.

In short, if you upload a video with a gallery of images, the entire gallery will have a view count. If a user clicks on your gallery and checks out a photo or two, skipping the video won’t affect the view count. It will still be counted as one view. The number of followers you have on Instagram, the number of views your video will get. You can quickly increase the number of them and buy real Instagram followers cheap by BuyTrueFollowers.

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Now, coming back to the main topic of discussion, what counts as a view on an Instagram video? If you play a video for one time, it will count as one view. The thing to note is the browsing session you are viewing that video in. If you are reviewing the video again and again in the same session, the view count will not increase. It will still remain the same.

Instagram videos always play in loops. Once the video finishes, it gets restarted from the beginning again. If a user is watching your video in a loop, it will still be counted just as one view. This is done to stop misusing the looping feature and manipulating the view count. Imagine if a user decided to put his phone on the table after waiting for a video, and the video keeps on playing again and again. How many views could such actions have generated on the videos?

Now, regarding the duration of the view, a person has to watch the video for at least 3 seconds for his view to be counted. If he decides to skip the video only after a second or two, it won’t be counted as a view. If a user deletes his account after viewing a video, his view will be reductant, and the overall video view count will get decreased by one. This is a countermeasure to stop people who make fake profiles to increase the view count on their videos.