Right VoIP system is what you need to improve business productivity and sales

In 2011, Forbes declared Canada the #1 country to do business. 


  • Canada offers a low corporate tax rate, just 15%, for businesses.
  • Canada’s economy is showing stable growth since 2005, that means businesses here possess low risks.
  • Canada has a huge pool of skilled manpower.

All these and many other reasons make Canada an ideal place for business. Leading Canadian cities like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver have cosmopolitan culture, making them an ideal habitat for businesses from any part of the world. However, having so many positives doesn’t imply that businesses will have a smooth journey. 

When it comes to open up a business in other parts of the world, many issues raise their heads. To overcome all these issues, businesses need powerful and potential resources. Though there are many such resources, nothing can beat the ability of cloud telephony and VoIP phone number in this matter. 

Cloud telephony is one of the much-talked-about business communication tools that help a business to reduce operational cost and burden through efficient business phone number. When used in full capabilities, an online phone can help a business to firm its feet in any of the international market and strengthen its global presence.

Here is how VoIP can improve sales and productivity for your Canadian business:


  • Your brand image is what influence sales the most


Having a clean and positive brand image is out of those things which influence the sales directly. Cloud telephony offers various methods to have an impressive brand image. For example, if you use a vanity Canada phone number for your Toronto-based business, then your customers can easily recognize and remember you out of thousands of business options. 

Also, using a toll-free business phone number helps a business to impress the customers easily. In case of a toll-free number, the callers are free from the call incurring charges and thus urge them to trust you over others.

  • The customer experience directly influences your sales

The average call waiting time is 20 seconds. If a caller waits any longer than this, the odds are high that the call will get disconnected in between. Plus, 90% of callers who disconnect the call will never call back. In that case, we can easily understand that long call waiting time makes customers unhappy, and no business is going to thrive with unhappy customer pool. 

The sales figures of any business are directly proportional to the customers’ experience. The happier would be your customers; the higher will be the sales. By using the cloud-based business phone, you can please your customers in a blink of an eye.

With cloud-telephony, calls are arranged in a streamlined manner and can be answered on a first come, first serve basis. This type of incoming call arrangement ensures that no caller has to wait for a long time and is answered based upon its incoming arrangement. The automatic call distribution feature of your Canada phone number is one of the easiest ways to reduce the call waiting period and retain your customers.

Apart from this, features like on-hold music, customized welcome message, auto voicemail transcription, and call queuing facilities make a great difference in the customer experience and retention. 


  • Easiest and effective promotion


To increase your sales, you need to promote your business. However, marketing is, indeed, a tough job. Cloud telephony makes this a cakewalk, as well. There are a few providers that also offer a free in-built email and SMS marketing facility for your online phone number. So, you can send direct email, and SMS marketing for your business also becomes easy with this.

On the other hand, you can set customized marketing messages on your IVR and utilize the call waiting time of your callers. Some data reveals that 30% of customers have made a purchase through IVR messages. The best part is that this sort of marketing is easy and yields results without any effort.


  • More productive team


Cloud telephony makes various menial tasks automated from ground zero and helps your team to perform better than ever. With an auto voicemail transcription facility, your customers’ voicemails can be converted into text, and could be fed into automated answering systems to reduce the workload for the sales representatives. So that way, your team need not make efforts to reply to every voicemail, but the uncommon ones only.

While conducting business operations, you need to record the customers’ calls for future reference. These recordings can be used as a database for training new employees and even for quality-check purposes. However, doing it manually each time a call comes can keep your sales team busy in administrative work. With an auto call recording facility, your team need not spend extra time for this. Every incoming call will be auto-recorded.

In conclusion

Cloud telephony is what businesses can use to improve team productivity and sales without asking for huge upfront investments and efforts. So, why are you not using it? Buy a Canada phone number today and improve your business’ presence in the country and beyond.