Maintaining Your Lawn in Franklin TN

Winter is approaching, but no matter the weather, it’s still important that you do one last thing during the fall season and that is properly maintain your lawn. You need to finish off the season with a bang, a fresh “haircut” for your grass, and then get it ready for the next year. How can you do this? Well, by taking special care to follow the instructions we’re going to provide for you, you can help to make the Holiday Seasons merrier until you’re ready for the Spring next year!

Fertilization is Necessary

Believe it or not, you’ll want to fertilize your lawn after the first frost (once your grass starts to die), but before the ground is actually frozen. By giving your lawn the best nutrients possible, you’ll get your grass ready for next year, so your lawn can grow back in full, lush, and green. The same thing if you have a garden, however part of the maintenance should include keeping the weeds at bay in your garden area. One effective and healthy way to prevent weeds from springing is through the use of a weed barrier. You can find the top best weed barriers on BestOfMachinery if you want more details.

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That Final Cut

Of course, as the summer progresses, you’ll be lessening the amount of time you actually spend mowing your grass. But you don’t want to let your lawn become the home of unwanted pests, so before winter actually hits (or generally late in the fall), if you have a warmer day, you’ll want to give it a final mow. This will eliminate all of the cluttered dead grass and keep mice, and other areas at bay. By keeping your grass shorter, this will also protect the new grass which will grow next year.

Clean Up the Clutter

While we know that you’re not going to be using the grill so much during the wintertime, it can actually be very hard on your lawn. Also, if you leave lawn equipment in one place over the winter, it will destroy your grass and leave dead spots. To avoid this, make sure that everything in your yard is generally picked up. This will help you avoid those spots where grass simply can’t grow after winter is over and Jack Frost leaves the area.

Stay Off My Lawn!

We know this sounds funny, and we can think about all of the people who we’ve probably heard this from, but believe it or not, you don’t want to keep your lawn pretty clear of traffic, more importantly in the wintertime than the following year. Of course, the more traffic you’re going to have, the more it will cause problems and possibly damage your grass or track weeds in, but winter is a lot harder on grass just like it is on us. Your best bet is to keep your walkways clear so you can avoid as much traffic as possible.


If you’re wanting the best in lawn maintenance, you may not have all of the time in the world to do it yourself. Whether you’re wanting to irrigate your lawn, or have that final mow done by a true professional, you can get ahold of a Sizzle Awards Winner like Green Scene Irrigation & Landscaping to get the job done for you quickly and efficiently.