Why Interactive Cat Toys Are So Good for Your Cat (Plus 5 Sweet Choices)

Did you know 95.6 million cats live in households throughout the US?

While most cats are perfectly capable of living alone, they tend to gravitate towards people. Cats “knead” people, and we need them too!

If you’re set on giving your fur baby their best life, it’s got to be more than tasty food and a warm bed. To enjoy a long, happy life, you need to play with your feline. Especially if they’re confined to the indoors.

Interactive cat toys are the perfect way to entertain your cats. Even when you’re not at home. But what are interactive cat toys all about?

Read on for the 411.

What Are Interactive Cat Toys?

Interactive cat toys do what they say on the box—they entertain your furry friend with interactive features.

Long gone are the days of yarn balls and a feather on a string. The world of cat toys has come hurtling into the 21st century. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised at how advanced the best cat toys are.

Moving cat toys vary from games controlled by your smartphone to puzzles that stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts. And while most traditional toys break apart, interactive toys are pretty much indestructible.

Should you buy cat exercise toys for your furry feline? Yes, toys that allow your cat to stimulate all their senses are worth the price tag. But is it more than just fun and games?

Health Benefits of Cat Exercise Toys

Outdoor cats have the chance to learn survival skills and exercise while exploring the neighborhood. However, indoor cats don’t have the same freedom. This can lead to an unhealthy, unmotivated, sloth-like feline.

But all is not lost! With interactive cat toys on the scene, you can bring your lazy moggy back to health. It’s not all fun and games, keep reading to find out the surprising health benefits.

Alleviates Boredom

Cats are naturally curious. They need adventure in their own little world (even if they’re confined to the indoors). If they’re constantly bored, lethargy and sadness can overwhelm a cat’s behavior.

Combat boredom by upgrading your traditional cat toys to something interactive. These ever-changing games won’t give them the chance to feel bored. Being stimulated on a regular basis will help them to feel a lot happier overall.

Cat’s Got Cat-titude

If your cats got cat-titude (more than the usual), it could be causing issues in your home. For example, if they’re aggressive, bare their claws often, and wreak havoc on your furniture, they may need to burn off their excess energy.

If you could, you’d play with your kitty all day, right? But most people don’t have the luxury of staying around the house all day. An interactive toy could be the answer.

It will stimulate them and keep them out of trouble, even when you’re not at home. And if they’re prone to getting bored, don’t worry. Many interactive toys come with several variations to keep it fresh and exciting for your kitty.

Feeling Blue

Like humans, cats can feel anxious and stressed too. Whether you’re moving house, introducing new family members, or you’re separated from your feline for long periods of time. Unfamiliar situations can make your feline pal feel uneasy.

To take worries off of their minds, the best thing to do is to play with them. This welcomed distraction can calm them immensely. But the problem is, you may not always be around to give your cat the moral support they need.

An interactive cat toy will give them something to play with, even when you’re not around. You can even get moving cat toys with a camera and speaker attached. This means you can soothe your kitty with your voice while watching them through a cam.

Fat Cat Workouts

Have you ever looked at your cat and said, “I wish we could switch places”? All cats seem to do is eat and sleep all day. In fact, most cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day!

But an indoor cat’s worst enemy is laziness.

Just like people, cats that become overweight are vulnerable to serious health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes. If it goes too far, it could even be fatal. But while the cat’s got the cream, he’s not going to change his lifestyle—it’s up to you to do it.

Create proper meal schedules, use the right sized portions, and get them exercising. Cat exercise toys can keep them on their paws throughout the day. This regular exercise can minimize major health risks.

Some moving cat toys with food inside can also help to reduce their portions. But when your cat finally solves the puzzle and finds the prize, they’ll enjoy it even more.

Cool Cats Confidence

Most cats seem to look down on us humans and think they’re superior. But all cats are that confident!

When changes take place in their environment, some cats feel reserved or easily scared. Especially if they’re a newly adopted kitty.

Arouse curiosity in them by playing with interactive toys in a quiet room. After a while, their inbuilt instinct will come out and their shyness will fade away.

Bonding with Your Pet

And last, but not least, playing with your cat encourages bonding. While it’s still debated, it’s easy to see that cats do appreciate their human companion. But interaction through playing needs to be constant.

The same applies when you’re trying to get your pet to bond with another animal in the family, such as a rival kitten. Swap interactive toys between them to help them feel familiar with each other’s scent. After a while, encourage them to play together.

The 5 Best Interactive Cat Toys

Wow, the benefits of cat exercise toys are pretty amazing, right? If you want your precious puss to receive the benefits, it’s time to get shopping. If you’re itching to buy a treat for your beloved pet, you can find these next 5 best cat toys in the link.

  1. Play Camera

If your cat suffers from separation anxiety (or maybe it’s you who suffers from separation anxiety) a play camera is the way forward. The new-age device lets you play and keep an eye on your kitty from your smartphone.

You can talk in realtime, play games, and zoom in day or night. All it takes is a few swipes on your smartphone.

  1. Interactive Feather Wand

You’ve probably spotted how cats like to catch live prey if they can. But if they’re an indoor cat, they won’t have the chance to catch real creatures. This interactive wand plays on that desire by using artificial intelligence to move it around the room.

But it doesn’t only sway side to side. It’s advanced technology teases, hides, and moves the device in unpredictable ways. You can even control it with your tablet or smartphone.

Your cat never knows what’s coming next!

  1. Play Circuit

Another game for playful kitties is a play-circuit. This sophisticated device engages your cat’s keen sense of sound, smell, and touch.

Using a peekaboo ball, that’s partly hidden, will entertain your furry feline for hours. And if they start to get bored with the same old track, you can change it to one of the hundreds of variations.

  1. Food Tree

When your furry friend is hungry, you know it. You open the sachet of premium cat food, and they enjoy the lip-smacking treat without even lifting a paw. But if they were in the wild, they’d have to use their instincts to find food.

A food tree is cleverly designed to stimulate cats natural hunting instincts. Through various openings, your cat has to figure out how to find the food. Even the laziest cats will get going when they know there’s food at stake!

  1. Intelligent Cat Companions

If your cat feels unimpressed with the usual cat toys, this one will sweep them off their paws. An intelligent cat companion is an egg-shaped gadget with a feathery tail. It’s cleverly designed to mimic the struggle of real prey.

It’s practically indestructible and will keep your cat busy when they’re at home on their own.

These Toys Are Purr-fect!

Now you know the 411, let’s wrap up. Interactive cat toys are more than fun and games. The health benefits could seriously lengthen the life of your precious fur-baby.

As technology advances, so will interactive cat toys. But for now, try one of our recommendations above. Your furry friend will thank you for it (and you’ll have lots of fun too)!

Fun Time with Your Feline

These interactive cat toys are perfect for your furry friend. Not only are they super fun, but the health benefits are fantastic. They won’t be able to keep their paws off them, so why not splurge on one today? By the way, it is ideal to put a GPS tracker on your cat to prevent him from getting lost.

For more handy lifestyle tips, check back on this blog regularly. From cats to country music, we’ve got it all!