How can I be a safe motorcyclist?

Riding a motorcycle is a passion for many. A motorcyclist needs to know different skills than a car driver. As a motorcyclist, you have to follow the traffic rules. Along with traffic rules, you have to combine different skills to ride safely on the road. It is also said that a motorcycle is more vulnerable to occur an accident than other vehicles on the road.

You have to keep aware while riding a motorcycle. Before starting to ride, make sure everything is good to go. Wearing motorcycle gears and clothing are also essential for a motorcyclist to ride securely. When you are on a busy road, only a mistake can endanger your life. You should not answer a phone call while riding. Power off your motorcycle beside the road and talk over the phone if it is urgent.

Alternatively, you can also use headphones or earbuds to answer your phone calls if you think so. Some motorcyclists are seen that they answer their phone calls using one hand and another hand to ride. It is absolutely a wrong idea while riding on a busy road. Only one hand is not enough to ride a motorcycle, especially on the way.

On the contrary, abiding traffic rules and wearing motorcycle gears, including helmet, gloves, boots, and a leather jacket can protect you from unwanted fatalities while riding. Plus, checking other essential things like the clutch, gear, brake, etc. is also part of your safe riding.

Maybe, you are thinking that I am deviating from the main point. Actually, not. In this article, I am going to cover everything to support the topic. As the topic of this article suggests, let’s dive deeper into the details on how you can be a safe motorcyclist, which is beneficial for both you and other motorcyclists.

Never forget to wear a helmet

A helmet is one of the most essential must-have motorcycle gears you should wear before going to ride a motorcycle. At the time of riding a motorcycle, your head remains more unsafe than other parts of your body. Besides, you know that serious head injury can lead a motorcyclist to death as well.

There are different types of helmets out there in the market; you can pick one of them for you. They are full face, open face, half helmet, modular helmet, and so on. I prefer wearing a modular helmet that protects my heads adequately, adding a few advantages that a full face or an open face helmet does not offer.

A helmet does not only protect your head but also save your eyes from harmful flying objects in the air. Plus, it protects your face from the strong wind blowing while riding a motorcycle. Dust and other elements also keep away from you due to wearing a helmet.

Gloves are equally important

There are many who think that gloves save their hands from accidents. Yes, they are correct too. Along with your hand’s safety, gloves help you ride well and protect your hands from the strong wind as well.

In the winter season, a motorcyclist should not set out without wearing gloves. If it is too cold, you cannot pursue your journey on your motorcycle. Your hands will not work correctly due to a heavy cold. In this case, if you wear gloves, your hands will keep safe from shivering cold as well.

Just make sure you have worn the perfect gloves which fit on your hands snugly. If they are too tight or too loose to wear, you cannot ride well. So, try before you buy gloves for your motorcycle.

Strictly follow the traffic rules

Accidents will decrease if everybody follows the traffic rules strictly. Many drivers are seen to drive their car or motorcycle, roughly breaking the traffic rules. They cannot stop when red traffic signals are on due to their speed. On the other hand, if they drive considering the traffic rules, they can stay where they need to stop their cars or motorcycles.

There are also speed limits you have to obey. A real motorcyclist always observes the traffic rules. Those who break the rules and speed limit make accidents too.

Defensive riding

As a motorcyclist, you have to be careful while you are on the road. Just a slight mistake can endanger your life occurring an accident. At night, keep your motorcycle’s headlights on. Also, while you are planning to change your direction, signal in advance so that other bikers behind you can understand that you are trying to change the direction.

Do you know that many unwanted accidents on the road happen due to overlooking the rider’s right of way? If a motorcyclist changes his direction without showing signal, what will you do then? The chances are many that you can collide your motorcycle to the motorcyclist who has violated the traffic rules. If you want to stop on the road, make sure you stay your motorcycle on the driver’s blind spot to avoid a collision.

Is your motorcycle fit for the road?

Before you hit on the road, make sure everything is perfect to set out your trip. Only wearing proper motorcycle gears, clothing and following the traffic rules is not sufficient to be a safe motorcyclist anymore. Will you proceed to ride on the road with your punctured tire? If you start to hit on the road, you cannot accomplish your trip.

So, check your motorcycle’s essential parts, including tires, headlight, taillight, signals, hydraulic brakes and many others will help you avoid redundant accidents while riding on the road.

You should also taste your motorcycle’s clutch, throttle, mirror and horn. In an emergency case, you have to use the horn. Not only that, you have to use the horn frequently, especially if you ride off-road and village roads.

Final Verdict

A motorcyclist must wear protective gears, follow the traffic rules strictly, check everything off his motorcycle before riding. And, he should not violate other motorcyclists right on the road. He has to turn his motorcycle’s headlights on at night; use signals before make a turning. Most importantly, a safe motorcyclist should check clutch, throttle, brake to avoid any unexpected happenings on the road.