Get Your Sound Right in Music City

In the country’s center for music excellence, you have to make sure you’re doing the local tines justice in your home, car, or shower (we’re not judging). The best way to ensure quality sound is to have quality speakers! A good sound system can make or break your musical musings. Lucky for you, in a city like Nashville, acoustics and sound are priority #1! It’s easy to find the equipment you need to create a rocking set up.

Here is a short guide to help you shop for the perfect speakers.

Determine How You’ll Use Them

Figuring out whether you need fancy speakers is the first step.

Different sound systems are used for unique purposes. What’s best for a living-room surround sound system is entirely different from a car speaker system.

If you need a system that’s you can easily use for multiple devices, soundbars are the best way to go. Popular models like Sonos Playbar or Sonos Beam even have built in voice control, which is a convenient feature when switching from one device to another.

If you love bass, consider adding subwoofers. A soundbar beneath your TV can add an element of depth and surround sound to your movie-watching experience without all the hassle. Of course, wall-mounted speakers will give you a full movie theater effect! This will also bring the bass in your music to the forefront. Your music will fill you the entire house.

Websites like Resolution Acoustics can help you sift through the best brands for speakers out there.

Think About The Room They’re Going In

The more acoustics your room has, the smaller speakers you’ll need. If you have a big open living room where a clap carries through the whole space, you can get away with smaller speakers.

However, if your room is smaller, densely furnished, and carpeted, you’ll need bigger, louder speakers.

The rule of thumb is:

  • Soft surfaces absorb sound
  • Flat and hard surfaces reflect sound

The more carpet and furniture you have, the more powerful you’ll want your speakers to be.

Decide Where You’ll Put Your Sound System

Figuring out where you’ll put your speakers (or where you have potential space for them) before you purchase will save you a lot of headache. For maximum sound enjoyment, speakers are best placed in corners, about 4 feet away from the sound source. This way, they can project into the room better. Avoid putting speakers inside a cabinet, as the sound will be muffled. The sound will be clearest with the speakers at ear-level: this is especially important for gaming.

Get Technical With Wiring

Depending on how sophisticated of a system you’re looking for, you may have to mess with wires in the walls. Decide beforehand if you’d rather have wireless or wired speakers. Wiring can be dangerous, so if you go for a wired option, make sure you have a plan for how to install them. Consider asking for help from a friend or professional when installing. Otherwise, most modern speakers offer bluetooth options.

Consider Your Budget

Before you go all out on the best speakers Nashville has to offer, make sure you crunch the numbers to figure out what you can really afford, and what you need.

The “Price Tag Trap” exists! Don’t get sold on fancy-looking expensive speakers, when a cheaper one may be even better. Do your research before going into a store and already have a set price or brand in mind. Try not to deviate from this price – it can be easy to get distracted by all the shiny toys!

Consider why you need your speakers before going out and buying them. After that, you can search for the best system for your personal needs. Don’t settle, either! If your heart is set on something that makes the roof come down, you deserve to have it!