The famous French writer Honore de Balzac is famous not only his literary masterpieces, but also for demonstrating an incredibly low academic performance at school

Honore de Balzac was famous for always showing an unfiltered side of the society through the prism of his stories and the characters he portrayed. Often, these were people who represented a marginalized group of society. However, another aspect which should be highlighted in regards to Honore de Balzac is that he never demonstrated great academic results at educational institutions. Yet, he was one of those French writers who had managed to achieve success without graduating summa cum laude or getting academic writing help when he needed it. Here is an overview of the life of Honore de Balzac, his literary works, as well as the stories that helped him succeed in the world of literature.

Early life

To begin with, it is important to mention that Honore de Balzac’s mother was from a lower-class family. Perhaps, knowing what it was like to be less privileged than the rest became one of the reasons why de Balzac decided to focus on writing about the struggles of people who were less fortunate. In his works, you will not find descriptions of monuments of France or anything like that. His writing style is very different, as well as rather distinctive. That is one of the reasons why so many students require assistance from academic experts or even from a high-quality academic writing service when they get the task of writing a book review on the example of one of Balzac’s works.

What should also be highlighted is that Honore could never demonstrate excellent academic performance. He always required academic writing help, struggled with understanding grammatical rules, and unfortunately did not have a reliable academic writing service to address his request to in times of trouble. Yet, he continued to work really hard even though studying at school was very difficult for him. Eventually, he managed to become a student at the University of Sorbonne and finally became one of the academic experts others could consult when they needed academic writing help.

Literary success

‘La Comedie Humaine’ is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Honore de Balzac. When he started working on this opus, the idea was to create a series of books in which stories about people who represent different societal groups would be described in detail. In other words, he wanted to create the so-called panoramic portrait of all societal aspects. Later on, the series of books got the title ‘La Comedie Humaine’ and became his greatest literary achievement.

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Among other significant literary pieces written by Honore de Balzac are the following:

  1. Le Cabinet des Antiques
  2. Beatrix
  3. Modeste Mignon
  4. Gobseck
  5. La Bourse
  6. Honorine
  7. Vautrin
  8. El Verdugo
  9. La Vendetta
  10. Le Cousin Pons


Taking everything into account, Honore de Balzac demonstrated low academic performance during the whole course of studies at school. He often could not keep up with the pace, not to mention the fact that it took him longer to grasp the material. However, it did not stop him from trying. Apart from becoming a student at the Sorbonne University, he had also managed to