Can CBD Vape Oil be taken Orally? Is this the best way?

Two trends that seem to be on a similar path in terms of growth  is that of vaping and the use of CBD oil. As such it was only a matter of time that the two trends joined forces to create a product to appease the masses. The result of which is a vaping liquid which contains CBD oil as one of its main compounds. CBD oil is known for its therapeutic properties in which it is said to increase serotonin levels to improve moods and decrease stress and anxiety. As such for those who enjoy vaping it seems like a natural step to try out CBD Vape Oil and find out what the fuss is all about? 

But What is CBD Vape Oil? 

Well CBD is an element found within the group of cannabinoids produced by industrial hemp. A similar style plant to that of cannabis. CBD or cannabidiol is said to provide users with a range of properties for which it can improve moods and help remedy ailments. Visit Website and get yourself aware of different CBD products and how these will going to help you.  As such with the rise of vaping, popular brands have started to branch out and produce specially designed e-liquids. These e-liquids are based of the ever-popular CBD oil tinctures which is an oral delivery system for CBD. However, it must be noted that CBD oil in its natural form such as in a tincture cannot be inhaled as they usually contain a substance known as MCT oil. This oil comes from coconuts is likely to have serious health risks if inhaled via a vape pen. 

How is CBD Vape Oil Made?

CBD vape oil is manufactured through distilling. Instead of using oils generally the ingredients used are of food grade and therefore safe to consume. So therefore they should still be able to be consumed orally if you do so wish. But please be careful when choosing a CBD vape oil as if the brand you are using contains anything other than VG, PG and CBD extract then get advice from your local expert to must be sure it is safe to inhale. There is very little point in taking the risk when a simple question would satisfy the answer. But asides from this no CBD Vape ‘oil’ should contain any kind of oil. 

What Should Be My Dosage? 

Unfortunately, there is still very little information on what the ‘perfect’ dosage is per person as there is still so much to learn about CBD and its health benefits. As such we would recommend experimenting with several dosages starting from a small amount and building up if necessary. The perfect amount will be when you can start to feel the CBD taking effect on your body. This could be a soothing feeling throughout or just a feeling of being super relaxed. 

In Summary

There is still much to learn about the field of CBD and as should a cautious approach is the best. However, that being said CBD vape oil seems to have some effect of consumers to the point where it is building in popularity. It is also worth saying it is safe to consume so long as the majority of the ingredients are food-based and FDA-approved. 

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