What’s Best? Green Malay or Bali Kratom Capsule Pills?

Photo by The Tonik on Unsplash

Strains of kratom are definitely fighting each other when it comes to which one is better, and in this guide we’re going to tell you why. Some strains are best taken as straight powders, while some are just as beneficial and offer the same results, or even longer lasting results, especially when taken in pill forms. In this guide, we’re going to discuss some key differences between the Bali and Green Malay strains of kratom, and let you be the deciding factor on which is better so you can find best kratom capsules online, and we’ll explain why later on.

Kratom is an Ancient Plant

The Kratom tree is actually getting more attention now here in America and other countries, however the truth is, it’s been an eastern Asian medical wonder for centuries. It was primary used by Asian apothecaries and herbal medicine shops, as well as taken by the workers in the fields a long time ago. There are a lot of people nowadays starting to take it recreationally for the euphoric effect that it can provide depending on the strain and dosage, but most importantly, it has been consumed for pain and also for the energetic effects and mental clarity that it can provide. However, there is a little bit of a difference due to the numerous strains out there.

Bali Kratom Pills

Bali is one of the more popular forms of kratom that are sold on the market. The reasons however, are because Bali provides many effects of not only pain relief, but euphoria, and the ability to act on a higher level of opioid receptors, making it pretty comparable in effects to morphine, heroin, and even other prescription opioids. This strain of kratom is even widely sold at local locations and not just online, and is the most commercialized strain available. The strain is grown in Bali, and it combines side effects of mood enhancement, as well as providing stress relief and increased energy.

Green Malay Capsules

Another common strain of kratom that’s highly available on the market, but mostly sold online now is the Green Malay strain. It’s more widely used for its ability to energize and provide a high amount of stimulating mental clarity and alertness, while at the same time is still just as widely used for chronic pain management. The biggest difference however is that this strain grown and harvested from Malaysia is a little bit milder that other strains and doesn’t cause the same increased euphoric effect that pills from the Bali strain and Maeng Da may cause the user.


When you’re looking for the best kratom strain, the truth is what you’re wanting to take it for matters greatly. Do you want it to last longer and provide pain relief, without the drowsy side effects that can occur with other strains? If so, then you probably want to go with the Green Malay. If you’re simply looking for the pain relief, or withdrawal relief from opioids, and the same stimulating but euphoric effect, or even if you’re just wanting to take it recreationally, you may want to look into buying Bali kratom capsule pills instead from a reputable source like Kratom Country.