What to Bring with You on the Boat for a Long Day of Fishing

There’s nothing like getting in the boat and spending the entire day on the water. Unfortunately, many trips are cut short because something is accidentally left behind!

If you want to spend the entire day on the boat without returning to shore, you have to pack wisely. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out on the lake to fish for bass or you’re heading out on the ocean to do some deep-sea fishing, this list will ensure you have everything you need with you on the boat.

The Right Rods and Lures

It’s obvious that you would need to bring a rod and lures with you on a fishing trip! However, which rod and what kinds of lures to bring can be difficult to figure out.

First, consider what kind of fish you’re going after. For example, if you’re going fishing, and you want to catch bass, certain kinds of rods and lures are needed. A rod between five feet six inches and six feet long is best, while crankbait and spinnerbait will increase your chances of catching a big one. If you want to go catch some catfish, bringing different kinds of baits would be ideal. To help you with that, here is a list of the best baits for catfish fishing and this article Top 7 Best Catfish Reels (Detailed Buyer’s Guide) will help you find the right reel for the job.

Ocean fishing requires different equipment and different bait, depending on what you’re catching. Long poles are the norm, as is large bait, like eels and sardines.

If you aren’t overly concerned with what kind of fish you’re catching, nearly any kind of pole will do, as will nearly any kind of live bait. Minnows and worms are popular because they will ensure you catch something, even if it isn’t very big.

The Right Clothing

There’s a time and a place for fashion on a boat, but it isn’t for the fishing boat. Save your stylish sundress and sandals for a boat party and instead plan to wear comfortable clothes on a fishing trip.

Layering is an especially good technique for making sure you’re comfortable all day long. For example:

  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt over a tank top, so it can be removed if it gets hot.
  • Bring a light jacket or a sweatshirt if it’s chilly in the morning and in the evening.
  • Pack a raincoat just in case it starts raining.
  • Bring an extra pair of socks just in case the socks you’re wearing get wet.

Food, Drinks, and Snacks

You don’t want to have to head back to shore just because you get hungry! Make sure you can stay in the perfect fishing spot by bringing along plenty of things to eat and drink.

There are some great boat recipes if you want to wow people on board, but a simple lunch will work just fine. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are quick and easy, as are bags of chips and trail mix.

Bringing along a cooler can ensure all your food stays fresh, but it also ensures your drinks stay cold. Pack plenty of water, but you can also pack pop, coffee, and anything else you and your crew will enjoy when fishing.

Protection from the Elements

It is important to make sure you’re protected from the elements. Staying on a boat surrounded by water can leave you with some serious sunburns! Bring along sunscreen, and reapply it every couple of hours.

A raincoat can keep you dry, but an umbrella can be just as effective. If your boat has a cover, use it to make the boat shady in the sun or keep it dry in the rain.

A first aid kit is important too, just in case someone gets injured on board. You’ll be glad you have an antiseptic solution and Band-Aids if someone accidentally hooks themselves!

Don’t forget the bug spray! An anti-itch lotion is a good idea too, just in case you end up getting bitten by a mosquito.

Fishing License

Being comfortable on the boat is important, but it’s also important that you don’t get in trouble while you’re out on the water. That means making sure you have a fishing license!

In addition to making sure you have your fishing license with you when you get on the boat, you should also make sure your boat is properly licensed. You should also look into the rules and regulations where you’re fishing. That includes rules for bringing alcohol, who can drink, wake zones, and more.

Don’t end up having to cut your time spent on the boat short because you left something back onshore. Follow these tips, and you’ll make sure you have everything you need to last from morning until night.