Tips on How to Choose the Right Microphone for Live Performances

We are all well aware that, when it comes to buying a microphone, there are several different types out there. However, we might believe that these differences are only in brand names, and that they are not actually very different from one another. They all look like they have the same function. But, contrary to common belief, there are various types with a wide variety of functions and qualities. Each of them serves a different purpose, which is why it’s best to familiarize yourself with them. 


One of the first things you need to understand about microphones is their resistance to signals. There are many microphones that are affected by different signals. These can lower your device’s quality. If your microphone is affected by them, then it probably has high impedance. But, if it has low impendence then you know it’s a good mic for vocals, which is what you should aim for if you’re starting out on your singing career. You can figure out whether it’s high or low from the level of the mic’s Ohms. 

Familiarize Yourself with Different Types

There are about six different types of microphones that you should be aware of. You’ve probably heard about dynamic microphones, since they are the least expensive, and even though this type sounds like a catch, it’s actually not the best for live performance. It’s very sensitive to noise and doesn’t properly transmit audio components. Equally as sensitive is the Omnidirectional type. It picks up on every sound, including the singer’s voice along with the annoying background noise. On the other hand, there is Cardioid, which only picks up sound coming directly towards it. But, if there is any sound that’s coming from the bottom, it probably won’t recognize it.  Then there’s Bidirectional, which is best for podcasters since it transmits the sound equally on both sides. The best two you can choose from are the variable directional and condenser. The Variable directional is very versatile and will only sense the main sound, according to your adjustments. Similarly, there is the condenser which is best for singers and performers. It flawlessly picks up every detail in a singer’s voice. 

Diaphragm Size

Another thing you need to know is the diaphragm size. It’s basically a tiny part of your microphone that the sound waves hit first. But, because every device is different from the other, it’s safe to say that they all come with different diaphragm sizes. The diaphragm affects sound quality. For instance, if it’s small in size, then it won’t pick up on high frequencies. However, if it’s bigger, then it will transmit high notes just fine. So, it all ultimately depends on your needs, and of course, the singer’s vocals. 

There are a lot of things that you need to learn before purchasing a microphone because you can’t just get any type without learning about its features first. Choosing the right microphone begins with your understanding of what you need. After you’ve decided on what you want, you need to match it with the right kind of device. It’s definitely a big step up from singing wildly into your hairbrush!

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