Important Things to Know Before Making Cash by Playing Online Poker

Playing Traditional Poker is quite intimidating for novice players. This is due to basic reasons such as venues and often situated in disparate geographical locations. The B&M casinos are adamant not to promote poker as it is very difficult for them to get profit. The opportunity costs of running a poker room is very high. The Rake nor time cost of traditional casinos is also high. The inclusion of slot machines by traditional casinos enables to make more money.

Whereas; online venues such as Enjoy11 Malaysia are quite cheaper because of much less overhead costs. The cost of adding a table in a traditional casino is comparatively very high. Online poker rooms also allow the low staked players and organize poker freeroll tournaments in which there is no entry fee. Attracting amateur and rookie players is also an added advantage of poker online.

Advantages of online poker platforms over traditional

  • The vulnerability to certain types of fraud, moreover rift between players is greater in online poker games.
  • The detection abilities for collusion is present in the online mode of playing whereas the brick and mortars do not..
  • The behaviour patterns of online poker players can easily be detected by the security employee in online poker rooms. Because of this, colluding players then simply fold their hands as that is easier to detect.
  • The checking of IP address enables to prevent players at same household to play and also restricts proxy server from playing on the same table.
  • The creation of a new account by the proxy server and some players can be recognized and blocked by poker sites with the use of digital device fingerprinting. It enables poker sites to ban, restrict and even give closure to them.

 Steps to be taken care of while playing online poker games (part 1)

  • “Variance” matters, though for getting a grip you should study a bit about probability. Do not draw any conclusion until you try out at least 1000 hands. That is called a sample size. Just play numerous hands before compromising yourself as a loser.
  • Use bankroll management. Without using it you are not going to win big, especially in online poker.
  • The odds are not always going to be in your favor. Just for the sake of numerous hands and because anything can happen, it does not mean that you should put all the money behind it. Sometimes it’s going to be a threesome.
  • The multi-table should be prevented. For all those who want to look cool, multi-tabling is common. But you have to do it on your own, think it is not necessary. Play in your comfort zone.
  • Bluffing is not always productive. You should choose draws minimally. Chasing blinds continuously is not going to pay every time. Pot odds will help you to win big and sustainably.
  • Being content and folding if you think you are falling behind is a good call. Being able to make your opponent show their hands at the end is good but if it’s costing you money then it’s a big no-no.
  • Blaming on poker games is normal. Having hackers and leaks in the game is normal. Looking inward not outward when you are winning is good quality.

Steps to be taken care of while playing online poker games (part 2)

  • Getting knowledge from traditional poker books is a good technique. As in this high-tech world, it will help minimally, but the saying “old is gold” never gets outdated. Overlooking them should be prevented.
  • Betting your good hands and check/fold your bad hands is preferable. Fancy playing against micro stakes is layered screen dribbles, or randomly clicking buttons, then floating flop and check-raise is a good way.
  • Not valuing bet at all is not a good practice. You don’t have to be afraid of losing money 1 time out of 10, for that keep some money in your kitty.
  • Folding on that run where you don’t have an idea what is going on, then wait for the river to be concluded. Raising with a weak hand is not preferable at all. You should always have a contingency plan for afterward streets.
  • Continuing the bet too much must be prevented. Some flops are off to checking. Being calm and composed is the key to win big.
  • In layman’s language, playing when you are tired or drunk is not preferable. Think poker as a sport, and in playing any sport you should be in your senses. Good condition is mandatory, otherwise, your results will suffer.

Three mandatory things to be taken care of at any cost

  • Long sessions should be preferred

The low buy-in, big field tournaments take long hours to complete, for that you need to be prepared. Being patient is always the key, if you want to complete an event then be ready for the long grind.

Sometimes it may take 10-12 hours to complete an online tournament. You should take your work commitments seriously if you have a job. Knowing what you are potentially getting yourself into when registering for these tournaments. Take small bets if possible as they will not jeopardize your work too.

  • Approach towards game

The variety of different styles, approaches, and how to play makes online poker a fascinating game. Most of the styles can be decoded into a combination of the following:

  • Tight: an approach to not take many risks, valuing caution and playing fewer numbers of hands, playing relatively few hands.
  • Loose: the alternative of tight gambling technique by playing hands
  • Aggressive: it includes making massive bets, opening continuous pots, and pressing the other players with a lot of betting.
  • Passive: letting the opponents control the hands in their mind and opening with a totally different fold. This approach is the opposite of aggressive.

Take a look at the above approaches and find out which technique is preferable for you!!

If the answer is either all or none, then something is wrong with your approach. Transit and change the style of playing is very useful. Do the same approach over and over can make your move predictable which is a big no-no in online poker. The ‘tight-aggressive’ style should be preferred by the rookie players if you want to excel in the game.

For keep success, adopting this style of aggressive betting can help a lot. To prevent yourself from falling into difficult situations, try to play mostly good hands before the flop. After gaining hands-on experience and improving your approach towards the game, one can get a good experience that, where to loosen up and change style according to the situations. But one should try to be aggressive as much as possible.

This approach intimidates the opponents and the first battle of impression will always win. This is one of the most important psychological wins.

  • Importance of Position is vital

Being a dealer is always an added advantage as you already know how your opponents reacted. This is one of the major tactical advantages that players can get. Every player in the game gets this advantage as the dealer position changes after every hand. This advantage is and should be shared between all players to keep a game fair enough.

This tactical advantage can be used to get maximum results as the player in the last position plays more hands. The early position player plays one hand less always. This provides great flexibility and numerous options, which is productively used by good players. This is also an added benefit as they relax their starting hand requirements in late position.

If one is playing the game and the opponents have acted before you, then it is said that having a position on them is good. The opponents are out of position at that point of the hand. This advantage is quite a big one which cannot be ignored at all.

Concluding remarks

With set of instructions above, anyone can help themselves to get hands-on experience to online poker. One should take into considerations that there is no defined set in playing rules of online pokers. The basic instinct on the table which you are playing on at a time is the best way to get going.

One can grab some knowledge from poker when the tournament start. Yet, professional players who understand the rules can get a grip over the game. The online mode is more of technical front knowledge. But being tech-savvy generation in this decade would be able to play this online version of poker easily.

Those who want to play and win big for the long term should read and study a bit. Knowing some basics about the Bookies in India will be useful in the long run.

As one said, every sport needs some fundamental sense of knowledge and instructions.

The set of brief instructions in this article is quite handy, take reference from it and win big. Kudos for the novices and good luck for the experienced ones.