How to Choose the Best Toric Colored Contacts for Astigmatism?

A human has 5 different sensory perceptions, all of which are important for you to remain safe and secure. One of them are your eyes. Your eyes are used every time you are awake. It has to see different things at different times, which can often make your eyes tired. If you do not give your eyes proper rest and use them over time, your eyes will eventually lose its effectiveness. You will start seeing blurred images, which is known as astigmatism. Thankfully, there are ways for you to cure astigmatism. You may either wear proper glasses or astigmatism lenses to help your eyes see sharp images once again.

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Specialized Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Many of you love to wear colored contacts. Even if you suffer from astigmatism, you will still be able to find colored contact lenses that can either completely change or enhance the natural colors of your eyes. It is important for you to understand that colored contacts for astigmatism are rather costly as these are specialized as compared to ordinary ones. In fact, contacts that are meant for people suffering from astigmatism are often more specialized than the contacts meant for people suffering from myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness).

Finding Colored Contacts for Astigmatism

Even before you decide to choose suitable contacts for yourself, it is important that you visit an eye specialist and get a proper prescription. An optometrist will have to measure your eyes and also fit you for contacts. Any type of contacts for astigmatism need measurements of the highest detail. Sometimes, these contacts also need to be customized that basically depends upon the degree of your cornea irregularity. When you place an order for colored contacts for astigmatism, you may have to wait for some time before you actually receive them. This is simply because these contacts are custom-made as per your individual needs. Some of these contacts can also be custom tinted and you can choose from a wide array of colors.

Normally, it is seen that colored contacts are available either in an opaque tint or an enhancement tint. The latter are good for those people who have light-colored eyes. These colored contacts help to enhance the natural color of your eyes, thus, helping them to appear more vibrant and stand out from the ordinary. These types of contacts are also generally transparent.

On the other hand, contacts with an opaque tint can easily change the natural color of your eyes simply be changing the appearance of your iris. Those of you who have dark-colored eyes can easily wear opaque tint so that you can easily notice a difference in the color of your eyes.

Risks Involved in Obtaining Contacts for Astigmatism

While you order colored contacts for astigmatism, there may be certain risks involved. Some of the potential risks include corneal infections, pink eye or conjunctivitis, vision impairment, blindness, and scratches on your cornea or ulcerations. It is needless to say that colored contacts carry similar risks as any other traditional contacts.


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