Christmas is on the way so here are 10 inexpensive country music gift ideas for you

Christmas is on the way, y’all!

I know, I know, Christmas is a whole two and a half months away and we should still be basking in the glow of the recently-ended summer. But I’m one of those oddballs who starts planning what I’m going to get everyone in my life starting in like July. I start a shopping list and I just add to it as I come up with ideas. Of course, I still end up waiting until December 23 to do most of my shopping, but let’s not talk about that.

So anyhoo, you can always go the convenient route and visit an already-made list of Christmas gift ideas for her to make your life a little easier. But if you want some wacky, interesting, cute, or just plain nice Christmas gift ideas for the country fan in your life, keep on reading.

1.  Johnny Cash clock made from an album

Johnny Cash clock (photo via Etsy)

Alright, let’s start this list off right with a very cool Johnny Cash clock made out of a vinyl record. The picture is from the infamous San Quentin shot and is likely to be a conversation starter when hung on the wall. Pick up your own Cash clock on Etsy. At a little over $35, it’s a steal. Oh, and if you want a more tame, child-and-preacher-friendly version for your intended gift recipient, you can get one on Amazon.

2.  Loretta Lynn prayer candle

Have a friend who needs a little prayer in their life? Then do I have a deal for you. Just gift them this Loretta Lynn prayer candle and they’re in business. Not actually sure if the candle is meant to help the owner pray for Loretta Lynn in particular or if they can pray for anyone, I suppose that’s up to personal interpretation. In any case, at $10, this candle is a steal, and if nothing else can at least be useful if the power goes out this winter. Get yours here. On a side note, there’s actually a whole line of celebrity candles on Etsy so you could totally start a collection. Check some more out here.

3.  Adult Mad Libs for the country lover

Remember Mad Libs? Those paperback books that you filled in at the prompts with verbs, adjectives, parts of the body, etc. for funny results? Well there’s an adult version for country music lovers. Yes! Great fun for parties or to just give the gift recipient a little chuckle when they’re bored. And at just $4.99, we think this would be a great stocking stuffer for the country lover in your life. Get yours here.

4.  Lyric bracelet

Okay, this gift requires a little thought on your end, but could be very memorable. If you have a music lyric that reminds you of someone, or maybe that special someone in your life has a lyric that means something special to them, then this gift is for you. For just $16, you can get a lyric stamped onto a nice metal bracelet for your loved one to wear anytime they want. Very sweet. Get yours here.

5.  George Strait Neon Sign

I have four words for you. George. Strait. Neon. Light. Yep, if you have a King George lover in your life who needs to decorate a wall, then this is for you. Just look at it. It’s Christmas neon signs. It’s George Strait. It’s perfect. Get yours here.

6.  Socks.

Miranda Lambert socks? Yes, please! Get yours here.

7.  A pint-sized flask.

Another great stocking stuffer for you. If you’ve got someone who loves Blake Shelton and likes the occasional nip of the hard stuff, then how about a keychain flask. Only $10 here. Just don’t nip and drive. :0)

8.  Concert ticket mat

Want a unique way to remember an epic concert you went to? Have a friend that keeps bragging about the last concert they attended? Then these are for your shopping list. Just give the website your ticket info and bam, you can get it turned into a very cool welcome mat. If a rug doesn’t work for you, they also do blankets, wall art, pillows, and tons of other things. Get yours here.

9.  Ticket stub organizer

If you’re like me, you probably have a drawer or a folder or something somewhere that holds a bunch of old concert tickets. I’ve always meant to preserve the memories of those concerts somehow but have never got around to it. Well if you have a friend or loved one who’s like me, then this might be the gift for them. It’s a notebook that gives you a place to keep your ticket stubs as well as a place to write down memories about the show. Get yours here for under $10. If organization isn’t important to your friend or family member then this ticket shadow box might be more up their alley.

10.  Sound wave art

Soundwave art is so cool. You pick the song and the sound wave is made into a display piece for you. In this case it’s for tabletop display, but you can get also posters, jewelry, etc. And if you have a reader on your phone, it’ll play the song for you by scanning the artwork. Pretty snazzy. Get this particular type of sound wave art here for under $40.

So there are a few interesting gift ideas to get you started. Do you have anything to add? Any past gifts you’ve received or given that you think would be a great addition? Leave them in the comments below.


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