Undercut Women Hairstyles to Create a Unique Statement

Amazing Undercut via instagram

A Bombshell Alert: Undercut Women Haircuts for Stylish Women

Haircuts come and go but for the undercut women haircuts, the story is quite different. These haircuts come and remain. You might be asking why these haircuts never go out of fashion. Well, to stay relevant, these haircuts are updated every day to go with the latest trends in the market. This is possible since they allow you to rock different styles. Some years ago undercut cuts were considered the haircuts for men but nowadays, even women appear more amazing on them than men.

Undercuts can be worn with short, mid-length, or long manes. Well, though few ladies would be willing to get a shave in order to rock an undercut, on the other hand, if you are looking to enhance the edginess of your look, why not give a shot to this fabulous idea. After all, your locks will still grow long and wear your medium or long hairstyle again. In addition, your hairstylist will advise you whether or not undercut styles would flatter you before you choose one. So, here are some undercut variations that are trending this year. Take a peek and if undercut women is your next look, choose the best one.

Soft Yet Edgy via Instagram

1. Smoky Lavender Undercut

We are used to seeing undercuts styled at the back but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be styled on the sides. In this lavender undercut women haircut, the undercut is shaved on the sides. The trick for styling it on the side is simple, and actually an advantage of ladies who don’t want to rock the same haircut for so long. In this haircut, you can brush the hair when you don’t want to reveal the undercut, or when you want to grow your manes. This haircut  will look great on women with chin-length to long locks- just ensure you keep enough length to hide it.

2. Long Hair Rebellion

For the women who don’t want to shave an undercut all around, then they will find this long hair women undercut quite essential. The hair is kept long, but at the back-side of those long locks is an expected surprise. Collect those locks and tie them into a top knot to show off an edgy design of your undercut.

3. Platinum Shaved Pixie

There are various ways you can wear an undercut hair outside the common distinct shaved
sections around the sides or the back. Those daring ladies who wish to take their undercut
some steps further should choose a Mohawk style. If the manes are trimmed extremely low,
come up with a stripped design with hue in darker shade.

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4. Spiked Shaved Mohawk

When it was invented many years ago, it was a man hairstyle. However, nowadays it is one of the most preferred hairstyle for women. It is quite popular and unexpected haircut. Make yours unique with two-hued blonde and dark style. Make it your statement haircut by choosing a cool-coloured ash hue rather than a golden hue.

5. Feminine Designs

Experiment with this artistic design with shaved hair underneath. It shows off a beautiful and standout art to the nape of your neck. At the top the hair is styled in typical feminine styles that include the ponytails, braids and buns. This style looks especially cute on ladies with fine hair that need to be flavoured with dynamics.

6. Blue Haze Undercut

We are witnessing various women haircuts with smoky colours this year and they have become the talk of the town thanks to this amazing hair colour. This undercut women employs the use of blue hue to spice up the entire haircut. The women who can manage to rock this look, they should opt for a higher undercut though.

7. Shaved Temple With A Side Part

This hairstyle will suit college or high school girls who need to try out an undercut without ditching their whole look. It involves shaving a small section on one side of the head that can easily be covered by simply un-tucking the hair. A hairstyle like this will be ideal for ladies with thicker hair.

8. Freehand Undercut Style

You can opt for this sophisticated and eye-catching undercut women design. The best aspect with this haircut is that even with the edginess of the shaved part, the entire pattern still manages to appear sleek and subtle since it looks like a sunflower.