Symbolic meanings and social studies of the society in Stendhal’s ‘The Red and the Black’

‘The Red and the Black’ is a famous historical novel written by Stendhal. The aspects of social status and one’s position in the society are of key importance as the plot centers around the desire of a provincial man to rise socially. Thus, he does everything he can to achieve his goal including deceiving people, being a hypocrite, as well as working hard no matter what. Taking into consideration the fact that Stedhal is considered to be the founder of critical realism literature, it is not surprising that such themes as social status, the gap between the representatives of different social classes, destiny, fortune and hypocrisy are the center of his stories. This novel is often covered within the curriculum of all types of schools as it a masterpiece that everyone should read at least once in their lives. Speaking about symbolism in the novel in general as well as some particular symbolic meanings highlighted in this work of fiction, a lot of color description techniques are used to demonstrate the artistic effect. What is more, colors are mentioned in the title of the novel. The juxtaposition of red and black colors hints at the differences between people who belong to different social classes.

Apart from that, it is vital to mention that the psychological portrait of an average person willing to do better in life is presented in the novel. His desire to rise socially indicates that the French social order that existed at that time made it impossible for the majority of people to enjoy the quality of life they wished to have. Even though the issues discussed in the novel are rather complex to be included in kids education program, the mere existence of different social classes as well as injustice in the world should be explained to children at an early age if we want the young generation to be concerned about this problem and to do more to deal with this huge gap. ‘The Red and the Black’ by Stendhal is a superb example of literary satire on the period of time during the Bourbon Restoration. The aspect of playing a certain role in society in order to get approval as well as to be accepted within a group of people is of major importance to understanding the whole message of the book. The question of sincerity is often raised in order to figure out whether it is possible to be yourself and to rise socially, especially during the period of Bourbon Restoration in France.

This French novel is studied both at school and at college. If a person has decided to major in literature, analyzing the development of social circles and the importance of belonging to a certain class in the novel by Stendhal will definitely be one of the good topics for sociology paper. In case you are currently trying to come up with a sociology paper outline, keep in mind that having a plan will help you submit an impressive sociology paper that will be easy to read. Surely, there are tons of sociology topics for essay to choose from. Yet, dealing with the problems described in Stendhal’s ‘The Red and The Black’ will provide you with a solid background for your sociology paper. Allocate enough time on the accomplishment of the task and start by creating a sociology research paper outline. Choose one of the less popular sociology research paper topics to come up with a unique piece of writing. Adhering to the sociology research paper outline will help you deal with the assignment faster. What is more, you will be certain you have not missed anything when you have a properly written sociology research paper outline right in front of you.