Prepaway PTE Exam –  Things You Need to Know Before Attempting

Pearson is one of the most popular educational companies in the United Kingdom and now it has become well-known all over the world. The company started in 1998 and itprovidesthe assessment and publishing services. Aside from just being a publishing company, Pearson also has some other things under its wing. The company launched the PTE test (Pearson Test of English Academic). It is one of the most popular tests in the UK and it is trusted by many colleges and universities around the world. If you wish to get an admission in a college or university in the UK, then you should take the PTE exam.

Exam details

The PTE test comprises of three different parts, and we will discuss all of them below.

The first part of the test is Speaking & Writing. The questions in this section come from many different areas, and each question requires the candidate to do something different. The main areas covered in this part are: essay, summarize written text, answer short questions, re-tell lecture, describe the image, repeat the sentence, and read aloud. All of the candidates are given around 77-93 minutes to complete this section. As the name suggests, this part is designed to test the candidate’s speaking and writing skills.

The next section is Reading, and the questions here are in the form of fill in the blanks, multiple choice, or re-order paragraphs. The allocated time for this section is 32-41 minutes. Although this part of the exam is shorter than the previous one, this doesn’t make it any easier. Answering the questions in the PTE test will surely be a difficult thing.

Lastly comes the Listening part, here the questions also cover a wide variety of areas, including write from dictation, highlight the incorrect words, select the missing word, multiple-choice questions, highlight the correct summary, fill in the blanks, and summarize the spoken text. The time limit for this section is 45-57 minutes.

So, in total the time limit is somewhere between 154 and 191 minutes. The PTE academic test is aimed at the students who are non-native English speakers and want to study abroad. The exam costs around $150-$210.

Why should you choose PTE?

PTE has undoubtedly become one of the most popular tests around the world. There are some very particular reasons why people choose the PTE test instead of other choices. Firstly, the results of PTE are announced very quickly as they are available within five business days. Pearson has over 200 testcenters around the world,it makes this company much more accessible.

The fact that the PTE test is based on the computer ensures that all of the candidates are scored accurately and impartially. Ensuring score validity is important to Pearson thatis why it is using the best biometrics in the world, including digital signatures, palm-scanning, and randomized test formats. As mentioned earlier, Pearson has over 200 exam centers in the world, and they are spread across 50 different countries. This means that there are many people who can easily take the test.

After the result has been announced, the candidates are allowed to send their scores to unlimited universities and colleges without any additional fee .

Preparation process

Preparing for the PTE test is a serious business because the future of the candidate depends on the score he/she gets. There are many people who believe that PTE is one of the easiest exams out there, but this does not mean that you don’t have to study for it. Without studying for the exam, it will become very difficult for you to get the admission to a prestigious college.

There are some very simple things that you can do in order to learn for the exam. First and foremost, there are the practice tests available at Prepaway Although you can find many free practice exams online, it is best that you go for the official PTE practice tests. This is because that is the closest way you will ever get to the actual test. The practice test is perfect for helping the candidates to know where they lag behind and where they need to put more effort.

The PTE practice tests are also scored, which means that after each session you will be able to see your score. In this way, you will start to get more confidence in your knowledge, and if you get a low score, you will know which areas need more work.

You can also opt for the official course books, there is a wide range of books that you can refer. These books contain all of the necessary information that you will need during the exam. That is exactly what makes them such a reliable source.

One more option is to attendthe preparation courses. These are paid courses that will help you prepare for the PTE test in a proper manner. There are regular classes that you need to take; you can choose to take these classes online or in person. There are many institutes around the world that offer these preparation courses, which last for up to six months.

When you are taking the PTE exam, make sure that you arrive a little early, so that you can calm and relax. During the exam ensure that you write good sentences and take care of all the punctuations and capitalizations. If you mess up these things, then you will lose a few marks here and there. Repetition is not appreciated, so make sure that you are not using the same word over and over again.


These were a few things that you should know about the PTE test. If you are someone who wants to study abroad, then it is recommended that you take it. This exam will open up a new world for you and give you a chance to get an admission in some of the best colleges and universities of the world. Just make sure that you prepare properly.