Live like a Work of Art: How to Dress like an Artist

You don’t hear this figure thrown around too much when people boast about today’s strong economy but millions of professionals make full-time livings as fine-artists. Most of the people that find monetary success in the world of art rise above their unemployed colleagues because they live and breathe their passion.

One of the primary ways that artistic individuals embody art is that they dress like an artist. But what exactly does it mean to dress like an artist? Certainly, fashion among artists is variable… Right?

It’s true that fashion is every bit as fluid as art itself but there are some common themes among a typical artist’s clothing selection that we’re going to share with you now!

  1. Restrictive Clothing Is a Big No-No

As someone that’s trying to let their creativity fly free, it’s important that your fashion choices don’t limit your ability to work. For example, if you were running errands and were unexpectedly invited to collaborate on a project that required your immediate attention, how would you rise to the challenge in a tight long-sleeve shirt that restricts your movements?

When you dress like an artist, you dress in attire that enables you crush opportunities no matter when they pop up.

  1. A Solid Smock Is a Fashion Essential

What piece of clothing screams “artist” louder than the classic painter’s smock? The answer is no piece of clothing.

Every great fine-artist owns a smock that they can rely on to keep their clothes and skin semi-safe while working. If you don’t own a smock, head over to your local art store an pick one up.

  1. Clothes That Can Stand Adversity Are Preferred

Would you paint for 10-hours wearing a $300.00 designer shirt? What about the reinterpreted Balenciaga sneakers that Gucci sells?

Probably not.

Beautiful designer clothing will get ruined if you make them a fixture in your art studio. That’s why artists prefer to wear fashion that they know can handle the occasional paint splash or tear.

  1. Used Is Beautiful

As an artist that’s just starting to get their name out there, cash could be a concern for you. That’s the reason why so many artists find artistic and monetary value in second-hand stores.

When you wear used clothing, you help a garment start a new chapter in its life while also helping to reduce waste. Add those benefits to saving money and you can see why used clothing resonates with creatives from all walks of life.

Think Like an Artist, Dress Like an Artist, Be an Artist

People that dress like an artist are making a commitment to tailor their fashion towards their success. While that might not seem like a move that would have an impact on your artistic outcomes, believe us when we say that dressing the part oftentimes leads to you succeeding in your desired role!

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