Introducing: Kalsey Kulyk and Her Debut Album

We were recently introduced to Kalsey Kulyk, an artist who may be new to you and us, but who has been working behind-the-scenes for years for the moments she has experienced as of late.

Following her parents’ divorce when she was a child, Kulyk recalls her dad listening to “Nobody Knows It But Me” by Kevin Sharp. It was then she realized how music can communicate feelings when words aren’t said. She knew from that time that she wanted to create music that would lend a voice to the silent.

While Kulyk was working toward that dream, her life took an unexpected turn. As a teenager, well on her way on the musical path, she was diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and had to undergo chemotherapy for six months. Kulyk explained:

I lost all my hair, but got a lot of song inspiration, because there were a lot of people I got to meet during chemo. I’d run home and write about their incredible stories. I had to get it all out, and I wanted to give that voice to people.

Once Kulyk’s cancer journey came to a successful end, she began working with Fleetwood Mac producer, Richard Dashut, and traveling from Canada to Nashville to write and pursue her career. Kulyk participated in contests, winning both — one of which came with publishing and record deals and brought her back to Nashville.

On August 30, 2019, Kulyk released her self-titled debut album, consisting of seven tracks. What listeners will find on this project is the story-telling and honesty that so many artists have stated led them to the country music genre from the onset. Kulyk’s distinct voice that is organic, sultry, and heart-driven makes her a standout in the class of Nashville’s rising stars.

Check out Kalsey Kulyk’s “Bad Liar” video below, and make sure to listen to her debut album, available now everywhere music can be downloaded and streamed.

Kalsey Kulyk Track List:
1. Roll With It
2. Love Somebody
3. Damn You Love
4. Bad Liar
5. Not All Angels Can Fly
6. Low Times In High Heels
7. More Time