Country, Casinos and Canada

When you go to a casino you usually get a few little extras that keep you entertained. You can expect a nice drink or two, maybe even a meal and sometimes in the best establishments, a live act. That is exactly what is all the rage at the best Canadian casino resorts. Expect to be dazzled by some talented musicians after a game of poker or some slot machine success.

Country music is especially popular at these casinos. The music is a nice match to liven up sophisticated gambling arenas and their resorts without becoming overly raucous and high-octane. For entertainment you can’t download at a casino, gamblers should consider a country music event at a Canadian gambling hotspot.

Music, Casinos and Canada: Catching Undiscovered Stars Early

The relationship between gambling and music has been far-reaching in Canada. From rock music to country music it doesn’t require a land-based casino to make the most of the musical art. Online casinos have too been involved in merging music with gaming. Take the popular PartyCasino service for example, with so many games featuring awesome music or include a music theme, the two go hand in hand in gaming.

Unfortunately for some musicians in Canada – country signers included – despite their talents and local success, they can easily be disregarded as “not made it” until they reach the same heights south of the border. The USA becomes the benchmark of success. However, that doesn’t make them any more unique as artists, and Canadians have their very own undiscovered artists right under their nose playing across the country.

Some Canadian Country Singers to look Out for at Your Favorite Casino Resort…

If you are living in the Great White North, we recommend checking out some country singers at a local casino resort. These evenings are usually packed with international acts and you can easily get to see live performances from country singers from other nations. Yet, we wanted to wave the flag for Canada and offer you some names to look out for at your next casino music outing.

Keep your eyes peeled for these three country singers:

  1. Madeline Merlo – Ms. Merlo will get you moving your body and especially if you hear her perform numbers like Neon Love and Motel Flamingo.
  2. Tim Hicks – If you are already a country fan and like to listen to a bit of Eric Church, you will probably feel the same vibes when relaxing to Canadian-born Tim Hicks.
  3. Brea Lawrenson – Tipped for success at the same heights as Miranda Lambert, Brea Lawrenson is a raw talent that Canada can boast

The relationship between music and gambling will live on – and Canada will continue to be a great place to enjoy gaming of all kinds. Make sure you check out some live acts for your next big casino night out.