Kellie Pickler’s father has reportedly passed away

Kellie Pickler and her father (photo via YouTube)

Sad news for Kellie Pickler. According to reports, her father, Clyde ‘Bo’ Pickler Jr., has passed away.

Although the news has not been confirmed by Kellie Pickler or anyone in her camp, it is being reported that Clyde passed away suddenly on Monday. Family and friends have taken to Facebook to send their condolences, as well as commenting on a obituary.

The news was first reported by 96.9 in North Carolina.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our North Carolina sweetheart, Kellie Pickler. We’ve noticed a few post circulating Facebook that share the extremely sad news that Kellie Pickler’s Dad, Clyde “Bo” Pickler Jr has passed away. We don’t have many details, but per the Facebook posts, his death does seem unexpected. Kellie Pickler has credited her Dad when it comes to “life skills.” In an appearance on ‘The View’ back in 2012 she said, “He spent a lot of time teaching me how to fend for myself. He taught me life skills. I know how to survive and make something from nothing and he taught me how to do that.”

Kellie and her dad hadn’t always had the best of relationships. Clyde had been in and out of jail throughout Kellie’s childhood and spent three years in prison for aggravated battery and assault related to a stabbing in 2003. He was then a wanted man in 2013 after leaving the state without checking in with his probation officer.  He was again arrested in 2016 in Carolina Beach, North Carolina on drug-related charges.

Through it all, Kellie loved her father and understood that he had his “demons.” She told xfinityTV in 2013, “I never thought he wasn’t a good person. He has struggled with his own demons and I think we all have demons. Everyone’s demon is different. My dad’s just happens to be alcohol and drugs.”


Our condolences to Kellie and her family.