The Garth Brooks crossed with Darth Vader tattoo is a thing and it’s epic

Garth Brooks (Photo via Facebook/GarthBrooks)

I have one tattoo. Just one. It’s a crappy little dreamcatcher on my ankle that was done at like 2 am in Seattle, Washington by a guy who was not only a tattoo-artist-in-training but was also, I’m pretty sure, a skinhead.

Yeah, I’m one of THOSE girls. But hey, I was 19 and it was part of a dare, so what can I say?

I’ve always thought about getting another tattoo that has a little less of an interesting, you-could-have-died story tied to it. Now I’m thinking that maybe I should get myself a Garth Vader tattoo because it’s a thing and it’s glorious.

From the Instagram page for the T.V. show Ink Master:

Ever wonder what a Darth Vader and @garthbrooks mashup would look like? Well either way, here you go! #InkMaster #DarthBrooks @joshpaynetattoo

Too much or just right?
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