Surprise! Dolly Parton has two Christmas movies coming this year

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What’s better than Dolly Parton? Even more Dolly Parton, of course!

And lucky for us, we’re going to be getting all kinds of Dolly this holiday season.

As many of you are probably already aware, Dolly Parton has a Hallmark holiday movie called Christmas at Dollywood that’s set to hit the small screen just in time for your holiday binge watching pleasure. The movie, which will star The Wonder Years actress (and mathematician) Danica McKellar, is about a Broadway producer who travels to Tennessee in an effort to save her Holiday extravaganza, according to IMDB. Dolly Parton is expected to make an appearance, although she won’t be starring in the movie.

Now comes word that there’s a second Christmas movie that Dolly Parton will actually star in coming out this year.

According to What’s-On-Netflix, Christmas on the Square is a new Netflix movie that will be out just in time for Christmas, although an actual release date hasn’t been announced yet. The movie, which will star Dolly, will also star Christine Baranski (The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory), Treat Williams (Chicago Fire, Once Upon a Time in America), and Jenifer Lewis (Black-ish). According to IMDB, the movie is about a group of citizens of a small, middle-America town who fight to save themselves from being bought out by a major corporation.

Christmas on the Square is one of two projects Dolly has coming out on Netflix later this year. The second is the anthology series Heartstrings, which will have each episode being based on a Dolly song. The episodes are:

  1. “Jolene,” which will star Julianne Hough.
  2. These Old Bones”
  3. “J.J. Sneed”
  4. “If I Had Wings”
  5. “Cracker Jack”
  6. “Sugar Hill”
  7. “Down From Dover”
  8. “Two Doors Down”

You can read a full synopsis of each episode over on THR. Netflix is notoriously stingy with their release dates, so we probably won’t know when they’re coming out until the month before they debut, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know when you can watch.