Sunny Sweeney saves a kitten

Sunny Sweeney (Photo via Instagram)

Warning! Super sad and then happy post below.

I’ve been meaning to write this story for like two weeks, but, you know, I’m lazy. Glad I’m finally getting to it because Sunny Sweeney needs a bit of recognition for saving an itty, bitty little life.

Anyhoo, last month Sunny rolled into Baton Rouge, LA for a performance. Before the show, however, she noticed something off at her hotel … an injured kitten. She found out he had been hanging out around the hotel for a while looking for help. He also seemed to have a broken leg. That’s when she took to Facebook to see if anyone around could help.

Anyone into Cat rescue?? We got to the hotel last night and the most precious kitten (starving and broken back right leg) came up to me screaming for help with his meow and I gave him some leftovers and water, which he gobbled up. The hotel said he’s been here for days. My guess is his mon died. He needs help and we can’t take him home. Can anyone in the next hour please come get him? If you’re interested, respond to the this post and will PM you. ??????❤️❤️ begging. He was so sweet and I’m so much pain. He needs a vet bad. Please share. We have to leave soon and I can’t leave him here like this.

She also shared a picture of the pitiful little guy.

Sunny’s found kitten (photo via Facebook)

If you can’t tell from the picture, the sweet lil angel’s back leg is held up at an awkward angle.

That’s when another kind of angel came to the recue. Sunny updated her post to reveal that a rescuer had been found.

Randall from Cat Reacue Guy came and got kitty. He took it to Sherwood South vet clinic in Baton Rouge. Doctor assessed him and the cat needs a back leg amputation. It’s gonna be a thousand dollars at least but they said the cat WOULD survive with the amputation. Is ANYONE interested in helping this kitten out and giving it a permanent home? Even in the pain it was in, it was so gentle and sweet and loving.
Please let me know ASAP. Otherwise I think they are gonna have to put him down. ????

Sunny then shared a video of the crying baby to try and get some donations to help with surgery.

Well little Sonny Sweeners, as he was now being called, survived the amputation of his back leg and was on his way to recovery thanks to Purrs of Hope rescue. Here’s the singer’s update on the kitten before his surgery.

Ok I AM SO HAPPY right now! Baby kitty has been transported to AVS in Baton Rouge. He's resting comfortably now in the…

Posted by Sunny Sweeney on Sunday, July 21, 2019

And here’s the new and improved Sonny Sweeners after surgery, living his best life and getting all the scritches a little baby fuzzball could hope for.

Sonny has since moved in with a foster mom and should be available for adoption soon. You can get in touch with Purrs of Hope Rescue through their Facebook page to find out for sure. Sonny also has an Instagram page so you can maybe keep up with updates there also if you’d like.

Not sure how anyone could have watched this poor baby suffer for days and not do anything, but thank you to Ms. Sweeney for doing the right thing and helping to save this little guy.

Update: I’ve been told that little Sonny has been spoken for and already has a new home, which is amazing news!