Pam Tillis supports Bebe Rexha after singer reveals she was age shamed

Pam Tillis and Bebe Rexha – photos via Instagram

Pam Tillis doesn’t have time for anyone’s ageist, body-shaming bullshit!

Earlier this month, Bebe Rexha, who you might know as the singer who sang Meant To Be with Florida Georgia Line, revealed in an Instagram post that she had been told she couldn’t be both sexy and a songwriter.

What the what?!?

I recently had a MALE music executive tell me that I was getting too old and that my brand was “confusing.” Because… I’m a songwriter and I post sexy pics on my Instagram and that’s not what female songwriters are suppose to do, especially for my age. I’m 29.

I’m fed up with being put in a box. I make my own rules. I’m tired of women getting labeled as “hags” when they get old and guys get labeled as sexy with age. Anyways, I’m turning 30 on August 30 and you know what, I’m not running away from it. I’m not gonna lie about my age or sing songs that I feel will sell better because they sound “younger.” I’m gonna celebrate my age because you know what, I’m wiser, I’m stronger and TRUST ME I’m a much better lover than I was 10 years ago.

If 29 is over-the-hill then boy am I in trouble.

After the comments went viral, Pam Tillis unexpectedly chimed in, giving Bebe some words of wisdom and encouragement that we can all take to heart.

From Facebook:

I am sure many of you have heard about some music industry type that told Bebe Rexha that she was too old to be sexy at 29 and that there were designers who declined to dress her for the Grammys because she was too big at a size 8!! As someone who has got a few years on you Bebe I wanna say you are totally right and those detractors are dead wrong. Talent, sexiness, relevance, and beauty is not just an outward manifestation, it’s your essence and that is unchanging. You don’t come into this world with an expiration date stamped on your fanny like a carton of milk! Thank you for setting an example of confidence and how to stand up for your self!

I am sure many of you have heard about some music industry type that told Bebe Rexha that she was too old to be sexy at…

Posted by Pam Tillis Official Music Page on Monday, August 19, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I really love it when famous people stick up for other famous people. It just seems so down to Earth and relatable.

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