Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild appreciates Miranda Lambert’s shirtless husband

Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin enjoy the NY skyline (Photo via Instagram/Miranda Lambert)

I love Miranda Lambert’s music. You know what else I love? Miranda’s shirtless husband who unwittingly helps her promote her new music.

Because, dammit, that’s the music promotion we need and deserve!

And you know who else appreciates Miranda’s shirtless husband … errrr, I mean, Miranda’s music promotion? Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town.

On Monday, Miranda released her new single with Maren Morris, Way Too Pretty for Prison. To help celebrate and spread the word, Miranda posted a short video of husband Brendan McLoughlin doing some yard work sans shirt.

And, yes, the world was better for it.

That’s when Karen Fairchild commented with the emoji I think summed up all our feelings … clapping. Nice slow clapping. ???

Amen to that, sister! Amen to that.

Take away the fame and fortune and fancy publicists doing your social media commenting for you and I guess we’re all the same deep down inside and we all really, really enjoy handsome shirtless men doing manual labor.


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