Kip Moore ushers in new chapter with new song ‘She’s Mine’

For the last couple of days, Kip Moore has been teasing fans with something big coming Thursday, August 8. Pictures of a donkey, a Volkswagen Bus, and a cafe sign all told fans to expect news Thursday at midnight.

Now that it’s Friday in the AM we know that the big announcement is a new song called She’s Mine. And by his tweet before the song came out, it looks like Kip Moore sees the new song as the start of a new chapter.

Kip tells Billboard that his new song, She’s Mine, was something he wrote over a decade ago while on the road when his former guitar player was teasing him about his future spouse.

“He was like, ‘We’re going to be traveling the world and you never know, that might be your wife right there.’ It was the waitress behind the counter. Then we’d walk out of the door and a redhead walked by and he said, ‘That might be her, too.’ The next person walked by and we were just laughing about it,” he recalls. “That’s kind of what my life had become as far as restaurants, food, entertainment, jumping on bulls in Costa Rica. My life just completely flipped upside down and I had no idea where anything was going [or] what it’s going to look like and how it’s going to be. That’s why I ended up going to write that song, it was after those conversations that day.”

With a new song comes questions about his next album. Kip tweeted back in May that his fourth album was officially done, so hopefully we’ll be seeing that sometime soon.

Take a listen to She’s Mine and let us know what you think.