Kane Brown addresses his shuttered Twitter account

Well we now know it wasn’t the CMA-loving Russian mob that shut Kane Brown‘s Twitter account down yesterday.

So there’s that.

As we told you previously, Kane’s @KaneBrown Twitter account was shut down after he seemed to show his displeasure at not receiving for any CMA Awards nominations on Wednesday. The singer didn’t say anything but did share the Steph Curry disappointed GIF below after the nominees were revealed. His Instagram and Facebook, neither of which had the GIF, were both working fine, so it really did seem like the shutdown stemmed from Kane’s GIF expression.


Well today we still don’t know for sure what caused the shutdown, but we do know that Kane won’t be running his Facebook and Twitter account any longer, although he will still run his Instagram. From his Instagram stories:

So my management team will be running my twitter and Facebook from now on so I can focus on music and my family and stay off my phone it’s taking over my life lol so instagram will be the only thing u can get ahold of me on at least until the next album


Kane is a busy guy and has a baby on the way (seriously, look at how cute he and his wife are in their couple pictures), so I could totally respect his decision to take a break from the whole soul-sucking social media machine if it weren’t for the timing. He shows his understandable and completely relatable disappointment at not being nominated for a CMA Award and suddenly his Twitter account goes dark and his people are taking over?

That makes it look like a hissy fit or micromanaging by his handlers. Either way, it just seems so silly.

Then again, I took an eight-year break from NashvilleGab at the height of its popularity, so I’m probably not one to talk about the silly things other people do online.

Anyway, you do you, Kane. You do you. It really is the only way to stay sane in this world.