Kane Brown deletes Twitter account

Kane Brown (photo via Instagram/kanebrown_music)

Uh oh. Looks like Kane Brown might be doing a little internet hiding today.

Yesterday, the CMA Awards nominations were announced and many people were surprised to see that Kane Brown wasn’t nominated for anything.

In fact, The Tennessean even counted it as a snub in their CMA Awards nominations snubs and surprises article.

In releasing “Experiment” in November, Kane Brown debuted at No. 1 on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart — making him one of three country artists to reach the top album charting pinnacle last year. The record proved a cornerstone for Brown, offering a home to two No. 1 singles: “Lose It” and “Good As You,” the former earning RIAA platinum-selling status. Still, it wasn’t enough for an Album of the Year nod. Brown also missed a Musical Event of the Year nomination for his Marshmello collaboration, “One Thing Right,” which dropped days before the close of this year’s eligibility period.

But, as Whiskey Riff noticed, it seems that no one was as surprised as Kane himself about the snub because after the news hit, he tweeted the disappointed Steph Curry GIF below.

It definitely seems fair for him to be disappointed and to express that disappointment because he seems like the perfect candidate for at least a nomination.

Well you’d think that would be the end of it, but nope, it’s not, because for some reason Kane went and deleted his whole damn Twitter account.

What?!? Why in the world would he delete his Twitter? Was he being cyber bullied? Was he embarrassed?  Was he hacked by the CMA-loving Russian mob? Did his handlers take control out of fear of, I don’t know, the record label police?

So odd.

Kane’s other social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook, are still active, just Twitter is gone, so you kind of have to figure it has something to do with his tweet on Wednesday. And that’s sad. I mean, he has the right to be disappointed in not being recognized by the Country Music Association and to share that disappointment with his fans. It makes him human.

Of course, stars delete their social media accounts all the time, so I imagine his Twitter will be back up and running eventually, just sad that he felt the need to delete in the first place.