Gab Exclusive First Listen: LJ’s “Suit Yourself”


Tomorrow (August 2), rising country singer LJ will release her second single, “Suit Yourself.” We’ve got an exclusive first listen clip that you can hear only on NashvilleGab!

As a Texas native, LJ weaves her love of life, relatable charisma and raspy voice into her unique sound. Recently signed with RED Creative Group, LJ worked with producers Jeremy Stover & Paul DiGiovanni on her forthcoming project.

On “Suit Yourself,” LJ mixes blues and country with a kiss-off, warning her man that “If my love doesn’t suit you, then suit yourself.”

As for the inspiration for “Suit Yourself,” LJ revealed it to NashvilleGab:

I came up with the title the night before the write. I was watching one of my favorite movies, called Gidget Goes Hawaiian. In the movie, there is a line where Gidget says, “Ok then, suit yourself.” It grabbed my attention. My mind immediately went into songwriter mode and I thought of how we could make this into a song. For me, it meant being able to walk away from someone who isn’t loving you back with the confidence that you are gonna be just fine. I walked into the room at Sony with the title ready – Maile Misajon and Jason Gantt, the songwriters I wrote this with, really helped me bring this song to life in a way that gives it all the feels.

Have any of you loved someone with all your heart and still felt like it wasn’t good enough? This song is for people that have experienced heartache in that way. If all of my love isn’t enough for you, then I am strong enough to let you go. I believe in myself enough to walk away knowing I’m gonna be just fine.

Listen to the Exclusive Clip here:


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