So what should we get each other for next year’s Dolly Parton Day?

Nashville David Briley and Dolly Parton (pic via Twitter)

Pretty much every day is Dolly Parton Day to me, but now Dolly’s got an actual date on the calendar in Nashville as the mayor recently declared August 5th the first ever official Dolly Parton Day.

According to WTVF-TV (via Billboard), Dolly joined Mayor Briley on Monday, August 5, when he signed the proclamation giving Dolly her very own day in Music City. Mayor Briley shared pictures on Twitter of the occasion, calling the country queen one of “Tennessee’s greatest education and literacy advocates — and a true legend of country music”

Very cool. Seriously, though, what took so long?

Now back to the important stuff …what sort of gifts to exchange for Dolly Parton Day next year because I’m gonna be treating this like Christmas 2.0.

Oh, and does anyone know where I can get one of these outfits that Post Malone wore back in June for Bonnaroo? Asking for a friend. And by friend I mean me.