Getting a shoutout from some of your favorite famous folks is easier than you think

The other day I was messing around online (which I do wayyyy too much, BTW) when I came across a website called Cameo. It seems to be a fairly new site who offers an amazingly cool service. For a few dollars, you can get a video sent to you or someone you choose from some famous folks, including quite a few country singers.

The most expensive person I found was Charlie Sheen who costs a crazy $500 (?) to get a video from, but most everyone else ranges from $10 up to a couple hundred. Here are a few country folks I found:

Right now, Cameo has 51 country artists listed as well as thousands of other musicians, actors, artists, YouTubers, etc. that you can pay to send you or someone you like/love a birthday wish, happy anniversary wish, do your pregnancy/baby sex reveal, or whatever else. I can definitely see this ending up being a great way for big country names and other stars to easily raise money for charity, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about Cameo in the future.

Check it all out all the fun here.